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Dirty. I wouldn't want to play against a friend in a place like that or casino. I feel like i would play different against them.

Also I can't get it through my head that pot size river bets aren't bluffs. But you gotta love runner runner straights to crack my aces.

That's actually one of the few places that I might pot sized bet rofl. The come outta nowhere, suck out but played like I had it the whole time bet.

I like playing with friends. He was one of the people that played online with me at like 13 years old. He lived 5 houses down and we would literally meet at one of our houses and play $20 heads up matches for hours. We'd try to rig the deck against each other and hope the other didn't notice lol (I mean, rarely, it wasn't like a thing we ACTUALLY did much). I actually got pretty decent at it though. I wouldn't do it now obv, but when I was a 15-16 year old cocky shithead I rigged it a few times during live games and never got caught (like 8 people at the table). I think in total I've probably done it 5-6 times but even young edgy as fuck me wasn't down to sit there and keep stealing.

I've always liked having a friend or two at the table. I don't think I play much differently, and I don't shy away from playing pots with them at all. In fact if anything, I probably target them. Maybe try to bluff one with 27os just so I can show and make fun of him for a week, that kinda thing. It's not an effort I make to do that though, but maybe every now and then I'll play a hand I normally wouldn't for the laffs with the bros

Talk about running bad. Don't get any value out of any sets I hit no matter how many people are in the pot, miss every flush draw imaginable and I run into every flush possible. Literally my first hand I get today, KK. Everyone folds. Fml. Playing online just crushes my confidence. It's so hard to play when I miss every board, never hit any pairs, miss flushes then when I do get a hand I get no value cause no one has a hand

wins hand

mad because didn't "win hard enough"


I get where you're coming from lol, but you gotta understand variance and not let it get to you so easily. Swings aren't necessarily supposed to be measured in days or a couple weeks even imo

But you have to win something to compensate when you lose your other hands. I get you can't win them all but poker gets really hard when you miss all your draws and you run into every flush possible. I'm down to $60 from my original 150
Yea dude, you haven't even lost *one* deposit lol. I've been on multi month streaks of losing before. I don't think you're full of shit, but I think you're just judging WAY too early and way too harshly.
2+2 forums is a pretty helpful site to discuss HHs. If you haven't checked it out I suggest you do.
2+2 forums is a pretty helpful site to discuss HHs. If you haven't checked it out I suggest you do.
I'll check it out. I watch The Poker Bank on YouTube, or mainly SplitSuit. His videos are good

Had a nice little session. Played two tables, came up $43. Up to $137 of my original $150. I stopped trying to steal so many spots and starting checking a lot more. Also picking up hands at the right time helps

(gonna have to right click and hit view image.. its too small to read on this website)

didnt get the screen shot in time. it was like a 1092 flop or something. guy leads out for S4, i call, guy behind shoves for $10, guy calls, i shove, he calls. he had a set of 9s, cant remember what the other guy had. much needed. even after all of that i wasnt up very much. every time i play 2 tables, one table the cards come fine, i dont get into too much trouble then the other table misses everything it seems like, card dead, i always have to rebuy and i run into the nuts. i dont understand it.

Trying hard not to hit up the casino.. so I started playing online for the first time in over a week. Late regged in this 2k guaranteed for $3.50 tourney. First hand pocket tens, raise to triple the BB. Like 2 or 3 callers. Get a lead out, a call, I shove on an 855 board. Guy calls with 87. I double up. Little later I get AK. Min raise in late position, one caller. Value bet every street. It's like an AQ5XA board.. I check river. He shoves all in for 14k. I call, he has A2. Sitting at 45k with 250/500 blinds

fuck yeah. in the money, sitting healthy 3rd in chips. about to be 2k/4k and i have 213k

Shoved 22 on the SB, get called by the raiser with 10s. Flop a 2 and suck out. Next hand, get aces. Guy shoves like 7 bigs, I call obv. He has a7. Hits runner runner straight. Online poker.. 167k @ 7kbb 48 people left. Literally after I edit this I just picked up AQdd. Raiser and a caller, shove. Get called by J10... wut. Blanks, 285k

Unreal. Got knocked out in 29th. This guy has been showing complete bluffs and bluffed off over 230k in one hand with nothing. I'm in the BB with KJhh. He's on the button, raises to 50k when blinds are 5/10k. I shove like 210k or around there. He calls with A9 when he has a little over 300k of a stack. He rivers a 9.. hate that. The guy blowing his chips gets the W. Figures

just won this on stream, had a total of 4 viewers ...... sigh

Glad no one at the casino I go to is capable of making huge bluffs on rivers. I need to get the mentality of pro poker or reading hand analysis' from good players because people playing the 1/2 aren't very capable.

Anyway, I slow play my aces on the button. BB reraises to 40, I call. 99x flop, two hearts. He bet's 75, I call. 2 on the turn, check check. I should've bet here but I didn't want him to think I had a 9. River comes a queen of hearts. He open shoves. I think for awhile. I have the Ace of hearts so the only possible flush he could rep is KJ. I end up calling and he flips over QQ. I thought there was a small chance of him value betting kk I'm that spot but the chance of him bluffing in that spot is pretty low I suppose. I'm just tired of making dumb hero calls. People never make bluffs like that in my casino so now I know better for hopefully the last time. But then agaim him rivering a 2 outer is also slim. Should've bet big on the turn. Raising preflop he probably folds.. raising flop may work since I shouldnt ever have a 9 in my hand. What would you guys do Im primarily a mtt reg but from it sounds like it was just a cooler. Villain never has a 9 in his range when 10x opening or whatever he did and you cant be worried about the flush getting there on the end. QQ is the only hand in his range when he open shoves river (which is a weird shove unless he has a pot sized bet behind). But yeah, go post HH on the aforementioned site. It is free and has so much useful information.
The pot was a little over $230 before he shoved on river. He had me covered and I had around $400. I screwed up this hand. I sold the line that I was going after a flush.. which I didn't want to do. He can't put me on aces or kings so when I check back river I think he thinks I'm going for a flush draw most of the time. So when the flush gets there and he nuts up, he shoves since I should always have a flush there by the lines I took. It's just how do I get him to fold before the river so he doesn't suck out and I still get value? If I bet $150 he may call seeing how if I don't have a 9 he's good so he gets there on river anyway
I wipe my ass with $900, get better. Joking aside, congrats. I very rarely play online and havent been to the casino very much this year. Im looking to get coached by this guy i follow on instagram.

It's all worth it in the end.


Im going to start building a bankrolll here soon. getting rid of my truck, car and paying off some debt and looking at getting a house. so by spring i should start saving for a bankroll

Llama the god

I'm on a pretty sick heater right now.

Please chime in with opinions on how I played this hand in a 1/2 live game last night.

I am UTG+1 with AQ off, and I raise to 12 pre-flop. TAG player in MP flats, as does a fun player on the button. The TAG player in MP had been showing down good hands, seemed to have a tight range, but was playing aggressively. The fun player was trying to see a lot of flops. She would commit 25% of her stack pre with hands like Q6 off and release instantly if she didn't flop anything.

Flop comes A, Q, 10 all hearts. I flop top two and lead for $35. TAG player in MP flats with about $70 behind. The button folds.

Turn is a blank (6c), and I shove for his remaining $70. He snaps and shows Kh9h. 

I've been reflecting on the hand. This flop definitely hits my range super hard, so that's why I bet. With that being said, top 2 on that flop is honestly at the bottom of my range. I think I should have check/called and re-evaluated on the turn. 

When he flatted in MP, I thought his range was mainly flush draws and Ax suited. I really thought he would raise all in on the flop if he flopped the flush. When the blank came on the turn, I figured my top 2 pair were good and shipped it.

Thoughts on how I could've played this better? Any critique is appreciated.

I think getting it all in on the flop is fine. A general rule of SPR is 3 or less, you get it all in. SPR is stack to pot ratio. His stack was 105, pot was 35, thus 3. I think hes doing that with a lot of pair plus draw hands. KhQx, maybe AxKh, KhJx(which would be brutal) or a lot of already made flushes out there. Biggest decision deciding whether or not to get it all in on the flop.. i dont think you should bet until you have it figured out