Official Pokémon GO Thread

Holy shitballs
buddy system being released tonight or tomorrow 

I'm excited af about it, I'll be dragging around my slimy boy Grimer. I've only found 4 total during the full 2 months I've played, but luckily one of those were a 1005 CP with 89% IVs. Ready to evolve, but I'm missing the required candies.

I just about threw up at the corner of a very busy street at 10am catching my Muk. Saw it on a tracker that I checked out right after I woke up. Got dressed and sprinted up a big hill on my bike. Got there just in time to grab em.
I did the same for a Dragonite, but I had never been to the part of the city it spawned in, so I totally underestimated how steep the hills could be there. I was two blocks away when it was 30 seconds from despawning, but I was nauseous and dizzy from sprinting uphill for nearly 5 minutes straight, and I simply gave up because I felt like turning my stomach inside out. I probably would have pushed harder if it was a Muk tbh.
Level 20 with 92 'mon in the 'dex. My goal is just to catch em all.
Anyone still play this?