Afterlife. Believe in God? Heaven and Hell?

I understand the need for religion/god/afterlife, we are as a species not educated or civilized enough to be able to live without it.

maybe in another 1000 years  

So nope do not believe at all but I get that we currently need it so I am not on some crusade to enlighten people.

Though it can be a bit sad to come to terms with I will give it that 

It's simple. Time is non existent. It is conceived. Did the Big Bang happen? It's hard to say, but our perceived notion of a beginning is implying there is time, when in truth, many of us are caught up in the idea that our lives are a measurement of creation. 


And furthermore.. 

If given superpowers and the ability to create without effort, a being is less likely to understand how, and more likely to think the world revolves around him/her. Thus, the being describes its gifts with simplified understanding. "Because I can" 

But if given nothing but basic biological functions, the being becomes curious. That curiosity spawns ideas, leading to either (A supernatural explanation; or (B Scientific explanation. 

I would like to know what others think about Death. Do you believe in Life After Death? Are you scared to die?

I truly believe in Life After Death.  And not scared to die, just how ill die. And leaving loved ones behind.


Sometimes late at night, if I'm in bed, I think about how it'll happen. I personally think the only reason we're so afraid of death is because it really is unknown. We know what's going to happen to our brain, but what happens to our mind? Our heart stops beating, but what happens to our soul, our conscience, or our thoughts and feelings? I don't really think there's an afterlife, but I feel that might be because I'd be terrified if there really was one. Standing in front of a higher power, all of my actions and thoughts being exposed and judged...that's what frightens me.

I find that interesting. I too am agnostic, but I have also wondered how lucky I am to be born a human.

But wouldn't that imply we have souls? So it's all weird to think about.

as for religion, and what happens after I die, I tend to not care about. Because weather it's true or not, I can't spend my life on a "what if". 

Instead, I plan on getting what needs to get done, and satisfy my needs and ambitions while I'm still alive.

do what you need for the precious shekels in this life like a good goy

die buried in your shekels

nothing matters after that, at least in this world


I do like the concept of collective consciousness but that's drug-fueled wishful thinking


I used to be horrified of dying. now knowing that it's inevitable, it's not so scary. I think there is no afterlife. once you die, that's it. fade to black and your left to wrestle with your conscience for the rest of eternity.

I've came up with what I believe in around 8th grade or so. I believe what happens when you die is you just go into basically REM sleep and you just have a never ending dream more or less based on your conscious on earth. Whether you believe what you've done is right or wrong would decide your "heaven" and "hell" more or less. I have a better time believing that then people hanging around on clouds. I'm not into religion or anything, I classify myself as an atheist. Part of me wants to believe in something happens after you die, blackness just seems dull to me.

Waking Life??? Enter the Void?????????

I believe what makes life so valuable is that there is no afterlife. So you gotta satisfy your time on this earth, and make it your heaven. Aspire to knowledge, and pass it on.

Spoke out to my younger nephew after he had gone to visit his aunt. She had taken him to church, a place where he had never stepped foot into. She had updated her Facebook status, "I'm glad my nephew has accepted Jesus Christ." 

He's 7, and is growing up with a keen interest in computers.  I talked to him privately and asked him if he wanted to go, and if he really meant what he said. He said he didn't really want to and it was boring. He later exclaimed he wasn't sure. And I felt that he was pressured.  That or his aunt was sprouting shit.

Now I wasn't about to blow up with atheist  ranting. I mean he's just seven. But I asked him to choose what he feels is right. And not let it get in the way of life. I then proceeded to ask him if he believed in Santa Clause, and he followed up with a no, and I told him to think about that for a bit :)

I don't care if you think it's for better or worse, a lie is a lie. And the people who do not know that they spread lies are like disease. 

Life is the greatest luck of all, and we need to be humbled a bit by this discussion.

Life is a complete separation from normal reality, where atoms accumulate to be molecules of a substance at the very best.  Rarely does anything exist in more of a capacity than that - the rest is space.  So, amassing lots of similar atoms is pretty rare.  Molecules are more rare.  Substances are even more rare.  Sizeable amounts of similar substances are even more rare.  The largest planet we know in our solar system - Jupiter - is even more rare than all of that.

Zoom back into the atoms and molecules - When multiple molecules and substances naturally grow and coalesce into something more...we usually call it living.  Plants and animals are made of multiple types of these substances that have fused together.  These things live.  They become...something.  But that something is never it lives temporarily.  Eventually...those atoms separate into smaller pieces and break down again - what we call death; the end of life. even more rare than Jupiter, but death is guaranteed for every life.

Logically, the process of life is straightforward...but only after so much information is assumed/ignored do we realize that this grouping of atoms and molecules is actually something extremely rare within the universe.  Like...RIDICULOUSLY rare.  If life can develop in a plant, that's more rare than a large planet.  If life can develop into a creature...that's an even more rare than a plant.  And if it can develop into a human/thinking being...even more rare than a creature.  So, to see things from such a logical tend to realize that a lot of "luck" is involved here for us to get to where we are on Earth in the measurable year 2015.  Humans are extremely rare/lucky, from what we have been able to tell in this amount of time. 

Now, some humans subscribe to a spiritual explanation from experiences/traditions for how we got here on earth in 2015, some subscribe to nothing but a self-centered way of living that simply never ponder on something so abstract as this discussion, and some spend their time selling a subscription for how they believe we got here, to this place, in 2015...with a straight face.

Now, while those aren't the only types of people in the world...I, personally, think it's foolish to be two of those types of people I described.  Because the only absolute that every single living person can guarantee is that we are going to die.  We are living, we are lucky, but we are not permanent.  To to be lucky.  Seriously.  Absolutely ridiculously lucky.  There are an infinite number of reasons that your body/mind's atoms and molecules should NOT have formed in the way that they have........but you're here.'re here.

So...what do you do with that luck?  I am of the opinion that trying to figure out why we're so lucky is only an attempt to try and shape our luck in looking at the future, and if there is a force out there making all of this happen, I highly doubt that we get to shape that "luck" that the creator force has given us in any sort of way.  Even by "praising the force" that makes it happen, I would sincerely doubt that a creator-force would ever consider that "praise" worthy of making any sort of active change to the way that we live, or adding to our "luck" in response to our praise.  

Back to the topic - The thing about death's coming.  So...if you have a little time to be lucky, why not invest it in your luck and let it ride?  Why not enjoy the life, and let death happen when it happens?  Cause believe's coming.  Even if there is some sort of afterlife, we have no idea how much luck is involved in getting to *that* level of existence, but considering how lucky we had to get to THIS plane of existence, that seems a little "out there" to me.  But now we're talking about hypotheticals, because we aren't even certain it's there.  That stuff exists outside of how lucky we already are, so it's fun to think about, but it's a terrible investment of life.  You have no idea what you're buying...only what you're told you're buying, and the only one who gets held accountable for the you.  How lucky do you really think you are? luck inside of a set of molecules.  And if you ride your luck by subscribing to the praise of a single God creator force who seems to somehow care about a super-lucky metaphorical spec of sand in a universe of sandy beaches...I mean...I'm not here to tell you how to live, but I think you should take another look at the story.  Gain some perspective.

The "deservingness" of religious afterlives astounds me.  It's a complete mind-fuck that not only would someone think that their luck (life) was *rightfully* given to them by a creator-force, but WAIT - THERE'S MORE!?!?!!  An afterlife, TOO!?!?!?!  That's mighty bold.  I think we're lucky...but I don't think we're that lucky, and I don't know how anyone can say/believe that we are ACTUALLY that lucky with a straight face.

We're already pretty fuckin' lucky - our video game is on, and it has been running for more than 2015 human years on the console of some God creator force...maybe just use your luck now before the creator-force gets bored with it and shuts it off?  OR...ya know...we die.  I'm pretty sure this is it.  This is not just a bunch of water molecules gathered into a crater to create a lake...this is water, carbon, and oxygen forming into a temporary, living being - something we've never been able to find anywhere else in the millions of planets that we've seen.  How much more could we possibly be entitled to?  

Do you really think you can influence the afterlife with how lucky you got just to be alive right now?
I wouldn't bet on it.  And I'm lucky as fuck.

I've always hoped theres a theatre mode for the afterlife,i can freecam or view any human/animals pov at any point, i can find out what really happened to JFK, spectate massacres and Desas sex life, my hope, agnostic though so i think theres something higher, Natural Selection n all

after the death of a dog, homelessness, jehovah witnesses stalking us, and people claiming my brothers and I have biblical names....there's something.

i believe we're just higher beings and this could be some interdimensional prison and the ones who realize it become fallen, which in scientific terms a brain and or psychological disorder.

If there's a God, I'm going to hell so fucking fast.
Can I have the # for your drug dealer?

Yes, not  necessarily heaven and hell as a good or a bad place. I believe there's ultimately one place, which is decided upon your position in existence, such as your soul, spirit, consciousness, what ever you may. As for going to where you came from, such as before life and then going to the same place after death, that's unknowable. I simply believe consciousness is too advanced for humans to understand at this time in our existence. But yes, ultimately I believe in a form of reincarnation. In my opinion, it seems highly illogical that we didn't exist for an infinite amount of years, then suddenly we do for about eighty years, and then we just go back to "non existence." Sure we may not exist in this realm, universe, time, or even a form of life that we'd understand, but predominantly, I do believe we did and will exist forever. 

Btw I'm taking philosophy this semester and wrote a killer paper on Nietzsche, if any of you want to read it; I got a 92%. Our teacher doesn't give out 100s.

Can I read it?
I messaged you, I'll include the paper on here in a comment when I get to a computer. I sent you pictures of the paper off my phone. 
The only gods you should care about are me and Yeezus