New Embed Options

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I've set up a better method for embedding media: simply paste the link.

Example (Youtube):

Media sources supported:

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Soundcloud
  • Vimeo

If there are additional sources that you would like the site to support, feel free to mention them.

What about imgur?

Well. Looks like I fucked up. How do I do again?

That's weird. I just pasted the link and clicked 'reply'

Goldblum never looked so good. Good work NV1.

Studio Ghibli took it down as copyrighted material.

testing to see if text before link influences it:

yeah ok so thats the reason yours didnt work Marksman, which is a good thing cuz you dont always want it to embed

Soundcloud test

‚ÄčThe mobile link for soundcloud doesn't work, in order for it to work you have to take out the 'm' in the link. Also, it's off the screen on mobile. 


Oh fuck, it works. It makes sense actually, I just didn't think about it first. Whatever embed you put in needs the full space of the line, so the links have to be on separate lines to work.

Sorry guys, had to fix the kinks. But now there are like 300 different source providers for this shizz now. So basically anything you can think of.

This is too awesome. Also, the forum runs sooo much smoother than Beyond's. I was over there to check out the Hyena thread, and because of some gifs I couldn't even access the pages.

ok so twitch saved broadcasts dont seem to embed play 

I'm probably going to review all of the options and trim them back a bit.

That's awesome that you can post live twitch broadcasts. 

thatd be sick actually, people post those links a lot

Yeah man they do, it'd be sweet. 

Best feature?


Best feature. 

Pretty awesome Nv1. support would be perfect.


Oh my.... post count 1,343

This is dope. uber convenient bruh. Thanks nv1


obligatory tractor pic