THF Movie Competition 2016 - Rounds, Pools, and Voting

Alright cool. How about the part where no one could join the forum for months on end so that they could enter the contest? Just another small detail?

Also not true. Registrations were disabled broken for about one month. Not several. And they day someone brought it to my attention I had it fixed.

As far as your statement about me being "gone" for 2 months - I'm still making content. I just decided, along with most of the VIP's, that we're not going to slave away at this because you made it clear that you didn't appreciate anything that we do for this website. You took everything we did for granted, and got upset at us for pointing out things that needed to be fixed and were months overdue.

Where did I make it clear that I don't appreciate anything the VIP's do for this website? Please quote me.

Once you gave me an offer for this website that valued each active member at about $1,000 apiece, I knew it wasn't worth my time anymore.

Hell, I even came back and banned some bots for you because I saw members complaining in the Discord last week.

What point are you trying to make exactly by bringing up our discussions of me selling the site? And in regards to banning bots. Did you want moderator of the year award? That's part of the job man, always has been.