.docx word file

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There is a directory with the file format * .docx, I need to recover file (damaged). If it simply open through the word, you must first get a warning that the file is not open because of:

"Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt"

Is it possible to open .docx file?

What mate?

You may apply guide from MS Corp. or alternative methods for restoring word data

https://www.openfiletool.com/docxopen.html DOCX Open File Tool



Microsoft Word 2010 stores previous versions of documents and allow for easy retrieval:

Open your file (the one that has been overwritten).
Click on the “File” tab at the top of the Microsoft Word tool bar.
Click “Info” > “Versions” and select your desired version.
Click the “Restore” button at the top of the document.
Select “OK” to overwrite your document.

If these methods don’t work or if the file you are trying to restore to a previous version were made in a software other than Word or Excel but are running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, you may be in luck. These versions of Windows have a little known feature built in that is a subset of the System Restore tool. Every day, Windows creates a restore point on your system and also saves version information for your files.

Navigate to your file using Windows Explorer and right-click the file you wish to restore to a previous version.
From the context menu, select “Restore Previous Versions“.
This will list previous stored version by date which you can then open and recover.
It’s important to note that Windows only stores the most recent versions so it is unlikely you can recover a version that is several months old.

Glad we got that figured out.