Any idea how to wear in a new xbox one controller? (Thumbsticks Mainly)

Just got a new controller and my shot is off as, its mainly due to the thumbsticks not being worn down to where Im used to. 
Any advice on how to wear em down quickly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Throw it against the wall
Play Super Mario 64--spinning Bowser had my thumbstick literally grinding into dust. 
Just play with it more, specifically play other games besides Halo, try some fighters out.  See if that helps.

have you tried peeing on it

i mean, for lubrication

but seriously, you can go to like lowes or something and get silicon lubricant. its made for electronics
Call me crazy, but I like brand new controllers. I should invest in buying new analogs instead of a new controller every few months
my controller has holes in the bottom and the RB button is glued on, it works great tho