I need some help with setting up a good stream

Hey guys, 

I'm planning on streaming a lot the coming weeks, so I'd like to set up a good and enjoyable stream.
The only problem is I'm not really willing to spent money on it since I don't have any...
I have a roxio gaming capture card, but streaming trough it at 2250 kbps on 720p still looks terrible on stream, I also have no idea how to add a mic/camera or music trough that software.
so I tried streaming with the xbox one itself and that was actually really good, quality was decent and you can connect your mic.
but I'd also like to get a facecam & background music on it.
I have xsplit, used it for H2V streaming in the past, but I have to get the payed version if I want to connect my capture card on it.

Does anyone know any free software that will allow it? Or any other methods that will help?

no one with a little advice?
XSplit or OBS should do the job.  You shouldn't need the paid version of either to connect your CC to it.

When I open xsplit and go to sources, my capture card is seen as a camera.
I click the add camera (roxio HD capture card) option and it gives me a message I have to get the payed version for that option.
I will download OBS first and see if that works, thx

looked up a video on how to link my capture card to OBS, did everything exactly like he said and this is what I get