H2V - "Best of" 2015 render


This unfinished montage features mostly "seen-before" clips, but a few "new" ones make their way into here.

I didn't want to release this, considering I picked a song where Chance raps about heroin addiction and I used obnoxious amounts of Twixtor. I was very depressed at the time of making this, at a really low and lonely point in my life. I'm finally not as embarrassed to publicly share this.

Consider this a send off - I'm not interested in making Halo 2 content anymore, since Super Smash Bros. Melee and CS:GO have mostly filled the hole in my melodramatic heart since Halo's death. 

Thank you to all the Halo friends I've made along the way, and to the people that still check this site for glimmers of hope.

Have a nice life.



I was there


you saw them? good fucking lord that's sick

hope ur well inxy