Need an editor for H3 100% MLG Montage!!!

Hello i'm looking for an editor for my H3 100% MLG Montage all of my clips will be from the Xbox360 days 08-11 the only thing is i can't upload them on my fileshare because my Main tag is locked online but i can cap everything and send it over for you to edit i'm hoping to find a good editor i can pay for you to do the montage if you are really good at editing. I will need to see some past work that you have done before i can be sure that you are the one for the job also time frame on when i want this done would be before summer ends or sometime by fall i'm hoping that is more then enough time for a soild montage to be made. If anyone knows of a good editor please let me know. pm me or message me on Xbox GT: Gunstrafe XXL

Anyone use this site anyone?? i  know i'm 10 years late but better late then never right? lol


winkUpdate to my original post i would like a trailer to go along with the montage. I know the game ia 10 years old now but i feel compelled to pay homage to the game that i fell in love with i feel it's been a long time since an 100% MLG montage has come out and i'd like to share my memories from original H3 360 MLG with what's left of the community so any and all help is appreciated!! Thank You and again feel free to post here in response yes
maybe i can help? check out my youtube :)
i checked out your youtube i liked the editing even though i'm not a fan of Halo 5 lol i'm a Halo 3 fan forever ;)
Update: I'm still looking for an editor i'd prefer if you have experience editing  Halo 3 stuff

Your best bet is to get on twitch and whisper someone and go into a halo stream. Most of the people in the chat on Kampy and Elis stream are from this forum back in the day.

Honestly you could try and message applefanatic or Xcnder both very good edtors but they might already be working on a bunch of projects for people Its worth a shot and if they say no they might be able to refer you to someone that isnt to busy.

Good luck man 

Thanks man I'll message the people you suggested  Thank you for the advice
Sadly i still haven't had any luck finding an editor
Unfortunately there's not too many people on this site that are active in terms of making videos nowadays, even less in terms of editing for other people. I suggest you maybe submit one of your best clips to singlehaloclips with the title 'searching for editor, will pay. That's all i've got for ya i'm afraid
that's a really good idea thank you for the help!!

nobody wanna edit ur shit clips hell u aint worth piss


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Lol i think you are embracing the user name a little to much bud lmfao

Just an idea of the Quality of clips I'll be uploading more soon