Black Ops 3 General Discussion Thread

Post videos, clips, discuss shit and add some homies from THF. Leave your gamertag if you want to be added for some Bo3 fun. Halo is dead, and I'm sure there's some of you out there playing this game, admit it.

Never been into CoD's multiplayer. But ever since BO 1 I made a lot of my friends (and family even) addicted to zombie's, haha. Can't friggin' wait for Der Eisendrachen either. Sucks that Xbox One players have to wait for an extra month most likely. 


Add Infinity Dutchy for a game of zombie's every now and then :) 

Hi im BL4CKOUT add me and stuff

I just hit lvl 100 Master Prestige yesterday after not playing for like a month or so. Got dark matter and all the cool kid stuff. Might hop on zombz before the SOUUUPPPPER BOWLLL
‚Äčand ive been up for like 24 fucking hours so im literally going to be dead by 7pm.

I hit level 35 (that's prestige 1, right?) a long time ago but someone said if I'd reset my level to continue going on for prestige 2, I'll reset all of my weapon upgrades and stuff. is that true? and if so, are the upgrades from prestige 2 till whatever any better than the ones I have right now? I have 5 attachments on almost all of my weapons which sure does help a lot killing dem zombiez
yeah, it resets all you weapon/specialist/attachment unlocks. you keep everything you have unlocked for the gun itself until you prestige your gun though. and theres not really any upgrades for prestiging, its mostly just to get extra ex from unlocking everything again and to get to master prestige

Made a little highlight video, mostly funny stuff.

i still have a bunch of clips from last year i never used

apparently this didnt up when I originally tried, so I had to render it again

Double weapon and double xp this weekend, I'll be getting on that master prestige grind this weekend for sure. Should be able to get it pretty easily. Also trying to get dark matter camo, shit's so time consuming. I just hate playing hardcore mode, probably would've already had it by now if I played that exclusively.
I got diamond for my snipers like the second week I got the game then kinda fell off and lost interest. Maybe ill play more on double xp weekend but probably not

accidental double post so heres another clip

Policia camo? Whatta scrub! We should play more, I never see you online when I'm on though.
was the first cool camo i unlocked and i never bothered to see if i got anymore, lol. but forsure, never really play, think im like lvl 50 but if im ever on ill inv you!