Indie Games

I'm looking for some fun / unique indie games on Steam. Anyone have any they think are worth playing?

I don't know if it fits the category or not, but check out Besiege. It's a sandbox game with objectives, and you choose what to make to get to the goal. It could be as simple as running over sheep, getting to the other side of the small territory, or blowing your way through a wall or destroying an entire town. I don't have it yet, but it looks like a ton of fun.

I did research on the geographical clustering of the games sector in the Netherlands. researched a city where indie and serious gaming were overrepresented. Ronimo games and Monobanda do some cool stuff, might look up the other companies later, was a while ago. Bohm by Monobanda is a pretty odd experience.

Just got done watching this gameplay footage. That sounds like an interesting experience. I'll have to try it sometime for sure.

To The Moon is one of my favorites :)