Montage Parodies

I have a very odd sense of humor. But montage parodies are some of the funniest things I have ever seen.  I decided to make one myself. 



Edit: This actually took a while. 3/1/2015

Edit: This just happened.. 2/25/2015

Edit: I made a new one! 2/16/2015


What the fuck did I just watch?
Needed more generic rock
I just don't see how I am not getting into Faze after something like this drops.
That was funny dude, I enjoy montage parodies too.
updated op with new montage
These fucking kill me. yes
check out Halzreds new masterpiece
dude, just came here to reference it aswell. haha, I feel bad...

check out Halzreds new masterpiece

damnit you beat me to it