Counter Strike: Global Offensive/Source/1.6 Megathread

holy shit haha hadn't seen what crafty had done with my post. Good job man.

add me on steam and stuff:

and also enjoy this edit from my idoltwin 

So... I've been binging this game a LOT lately. I've put in 215 hours since I started playing consistently around 2 months ago, buuuuuuut I'm Silver 4. I know volvo changed the rank distribution recently so a lot more people are silver/nova, but I'd like to improve.

I've played 95% of my matches on dust2 so I know that map fairly well, and I've watched enough competitive matches on the other maps to know basic layout and callouts, but I've barely played them so I'm not quite familiar with them yet. I think solo-queuing is holding me back a little. I hate committing to a match only to find out only 1 other person has a mic, or, you know, it's just toxic.

Anyone ranked low enough to carry me and show me their ways?



Coldzera? More like GODZERA

brutal choke. Like. Brutal.
Those Cold and Hiko 1v4s were incredible. Great series but Liquid really should've walked away with it. Terrible choke. And don't even get me started on Astralis. You can take the team out of TSM, but can't take TSM out of the team lmao.

Just got my first knife haha. Love the animation.