Multikills -- HALO REACH

how can i start trying to get high multi´s, i think i can get nice clips on multi team,  what do yo so guys?
Have you tried Grifball?

Map awareness, spawn awareness, being good, not choking, drinking vodka and good luck are all important.




You want to have a good sniper for starters. Anyone can get rocket shotty multis like it's nothing. You say you're playing multi-team, which is relatively easy for clips but what type of multis are you getting? Overs? or tastrophes? naires? Map awareness, spawn awareness etc are also very important. If you don't have spawn predictions down you will find it very difficult to get high multis in 4v4 playlists. I would also say that being able to know where every player on the map is at all times isn't always possible but it's something you should be thinking about and being able to predict where they are going to go will go a long way in being able to put yourself in a position to get the multikills. Just killing every person you see is a great way to win a game, not a great way to get the multikill though. As well, a lot of patience is needed. On average I will hit a main clip for my montage about once every 5-6 days so if I played every day for a month I would have about 5-6 great clips, of course you have to define your own standards, which isn't enough for a major montage and it can be frustrating going 3 weeks without something good but then you'll hit 3 in a weekend or something. It's a grind now. Finally, it's just a game and these are just fun videos we make on the internet. If you start worrying about not hitting the shot you won't hit it. Just have fun and have the confidence to go for the against all odds shots. Good luck :)
Grifball, Big Team Battle, those will do you.

Don't know if OP is trolling or not. Post and avatar just seems too much.