Who else? Gotta be a lot of you who come back from time to time just to see how things are, if the sites still up.. etc 



Edit: gang!

I wonder if Osageballer927 ever did figure out the magnum guardian glitch

All I can say is he was a guiding light for asking.

Should I have kids? How did I do the turf superjump? How do I find out if I have a pension? Why did I enjoy Foundation as a map? Is Phurion multiple people? Should I be worried my pinky has felt numb for a month?

All questions I keep tucked away deep inside.

oh shit, i'm 16

I like to pop in from time to time.

Don't really post though.

this place popped into my mind, hope you're all doing good

Gang ?

edit: it just dawned on me this account is older than I was when I signed up... 


I don't know how long I've been here

EDIT - Oh fuck it's been almost 18 years. I was only 15 when I joined this forum!

cant believe i wasted like a year on hth? h2h?  highimpacthalo? looking back shit was cringe lol

17 years... crazy stuff.


reporting for duty
I'm in.

I wonder if Osageballer927 ever did figure out the magnum guardian glitch


I hope so

lurk king reporting in
gotta get those numbers up
I'm old as fuck now
How is there not a h2forum.com discord by now? 
make one you pussy
Holy shit, the site is still up! 
16 years.....Damn
Ayooo. I remember the good old days of this site. Back when it was ran by Z. Back in the Glory days of montages... Montage Legends like Phurion, Reid18, TM22, Abused Goat, iDrako, Tweak, Walshy.... man I can go on and on with names of great montage makers.... I was 14 when I made this account I am now 30.... time sure flys by huh?
What if I told you Reid18 and Phurion had a new montage coming out this week with a couple other cool people? surprise
that depends entirely on who are the cool people