Better Call Saul | Monday's 10/9c

“When introducing any series, especially one with the DNA of Breaking Bad, there are countless factors to consider in making sure the show gets the launch it deserves. We have a strong history with Vince, Peter, Bob, the studio… and all share a focus on making it a true television event. No half measures.” Following a blazing hot start with Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, AMC has struggled to repeat that success with its more recent entries, including Low Winter Sun, which was ​canceled and the two dramas that premiered this year, Turn and Halt and Catch Fire. That has put extra pressure on expanding the Breaking Bad and Walking Dead franchises with the spinoff series AMC has in the works on both shows.

Another episode runs tonight, yeah? Still waiting to watch the first one with my girlfriend. Haven't really looked into reviews of it yet. How did you guys like it? Did it have any sort of Breaking Bad feel?
Its very much had a breaking bad feel to it, right down to starting off with foreshadowing and leaving an episode on a cliff hanger.  We also get to see the first tie in with breaking bad.
first episode was great. tucoooooo
The dude from Far Cry 3 really impressed.
Episode 2 was waaay better than episode one. This show has hope
The cinematography style in Better Call Saul is similar to Breaking Bad. I assume they're doing it on purpose, I love that.

I enjoyed both episodes more than I thought.
Tuco went ham on dem niggas.
Surprisingly pretty great so far.

absolutely love the feel, those sequences and dialogue

it's like beholding the lineage of a long lost friend  c':

Fuckin love this show. Hell yes. Biggest premiere in TV history, too. Can't say I'm surprised. WE BACK BITCHES.
best lawyer ever.

I was surprised with how good this is so far. Of course I wanted it to be good, but I was definitely skeptical and I had no idea what to expect.

It made me remember how great BB was, and now I'm rewatching it for the 4th time .

Amazing show so far. New episode at 10/9c tonight!!
so what did you all think of the opening scene last night with charlie and saul? at which point did that occur?
Do you mean Chuck and Saul?  Seems like it was in the past probably on the tail end of his Slippin' Jimmy days.
yeah sorry that's his name. that's what i was thinking. hopefully we seem more background on it soon.

Really enjoying the show so far. Much more than I expected to be honest. The first episode was nothing special. However, the last two have shown that this show has real potential.




Hey doodle I hope it's okay that I closed your spoiler. If you publish it with the text viewable, it will be viewable when you publish 


like so

I agree with what you put in the spoiler, though. Seems pretty likely to me. I'm loving how this show is developing. 

What do you guys think about Jimmy not being a lawyer at the beginning of that episode though? Do you think he gets out and then applies to law school or something? That seems pretty unlikely to me. My prediction is that he somehow fakes his law degree.

Back to the topic of spoilers though, what should the etiquette be for posting spoilers in this thread? Should anything be fair game without the need of spoiler boxes, should there be a two day post-episode rule or something? I haven't been to active in other TV show threads in the past so I'm unsure how things have worked on the older site. If you guys want, I could just post a spoiler alert in the thread title and that should be a fair warning to anyone. Let me know.

BCS is now the only reason I look forward to Mondays. 
Forgot all about this. I will give this a try this week. Maybe tonight if AMC still has it up on their site.

'sall good man.


anyone still watching this? i'm beginning to like it better than Breaking Bad. Saul is just such a likeable character, and Mike is a badass.