"PRODIGY III" (a Halo 4 Video) [Comp Entry]



The third and final entry into the Prodigy series, this is the Main Lobsta Bitch's old Halo 4 gameplay. I guess I should make it known that all the gameplay in this is from November and December 2012, right after H4 launched (except the one Pitfall noscope), so it's not that great of GP. Additionally, he sold his 360 a while ago and with it, more than half his H4 clips which are forever lost :(

Something I've always tried to do with my editing, and in particular this series, is tell the story of the clips with angles as much as possible. In the end I felt like I had to adopt a more segmented flow to the whole series just due to the weirdness of the gameplay. The MLB doesn't hit a lot of big multis, it's much more long distance sticks and flashy noscopes rather than big 6, 7, and 8 piece multis. So the weird pacing was kinda the way I chose to go about presenting all the gameplay instead of just picking out the most generic gameplay and making a mini.

Based on feedback from Prodigy II, the original plan was to include audio for the sensei figure, but I couldn't get voice clips to match well enough with the song and in the end just scrapped the whole idea (hopefully you can still enjoy). 

Anyways, I know this stands no chance in the THF contest but still wanted to submit it just because. Major props to all of you here at the forum! It's been a blast seeing so much insane content released just in the last 4 days or so.

That was a solid chill tage man. The sticks were crazy and i loved the sniper transition... it flowed with the song so well at that point.
I still wish you (or someone else) narrated the lines instead of just using subtitles. It would really add a lot to the video. Loved the angles, really well done.
this is so weird but I agree with Fatal 100% there definitely needs to be some epic narration to go with the subtitles, good job at making Halo 4 interesting because I think it's boring as shit
This is a decent montage

mine is much better, click here: http://www.thehaloforum.com/forum/halo-videos/9871-blittz-blains-thf-com...

@Evadur thanks man, I actually went into forge and made a bunch of green screens and then started dropping snipers off the ledge until I found one that flipped just right lol. One of the strangest things I've ever done to make a video

@Fatal and @Just Ash I really really tried to based on the feedback from Prodigy II, but in the end the audio wasn't working with the song, given how forceful it is and how much sound there is already. I might go back and rerender a version with narration at some point.

@Chubbymax Already seen it, and grow up please.

Probably the most enjoyable H4 vid I've seen. I'm impressed by your recent edits, Swanky!

i loved the sniper transition

This was an awesome edit and a really cool little story. If only you had more to work with!