Untaymed: Way Back When (Halo 2)


This video is a Halo 2 leftover-tage comprised of clips by Untaymed. The video was edited by ZRTROOKIO in a very 80s neon fashion, and really feels fast paced and exciting! The thumbnail, and title image was drawn by Rythaze (me) specifically for the video. 

Check out the video if you like Halo 2 montages! It's worth the watch in my opinion.

The snipes are just unreal. Leftovers huh? Hyped for whats next!
really enjoyable video man!

good shit boys.


Sweet video dudes!
Well wasn't that quite unique
Thanks trying to get it on halo is back....but still don't have an acc due to that whole email thing 

Good job guys.

not sure if it's just me but I hate Gemini clips... Even if they are sick.

So long as I get a VIP ticket to your 80's club....

Really enjoyable video. Great job.
That's the best replica of the intro clip in Wizard I've seen. Great vid, guys! 
what the fuck, stop being so good at sniping

Snipes were incredible, and how the fuck is that stick tac on sanc not a main???

I would have liked to have seen more 80's shit because that era has a lot of cool shit you could do in an edit and there wasn't much besides the drawing and the music. Still a fun video though.

style and clips were awesome, keep it up man
Reminds me of Kung Fury.
Very disappointed in the lack of neon.
Awesome video!
that was sexy you little cupcake