tennis chief - The Halo Forum Competition 2016

You really need to work on your syncing. You missed essentially every big sync point in the song (0:54, 1:03, 1:48, 1:57, 2:24, etc.) and those are very important ones you should be hitting. It's hard for a video to flow well if you don't sync properly.

i agree with what fatal said.

Ironically though, this song was used in robbie b's m3 and i think tm22 did a pretty solid job on that. Would be a good place to start by watching that and seeing he how he worked with the song.

just as a side bar i'd stay away from songs that were used in the body of really high profile tages. It's been a recipe for disaster in the past and if you don't do it better than the original then people are just going to be left thinking of the original video, not yours.

Was there a lockout cinematic, with no h2 clips? Seems weird. Agree with fatal and sk0ls as well. Angles just seemed forced and random. Visually it looked nice though, just wasn't executed well.
I just went and watched Robbie's M3 after I finished watching this haha. I was thinking about linking it for reference but you got to it first. Definitely a good montage to compare yours to so you can see where to improve and what to change.
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thanks for the comments
I thought it was kind of a weird transition to show Lockout but then cut to a Halo 3 clip in the beginning.  What was the point of having a still image of H4 MC at 1:10?   I know you put an H4 clip after it but still.  I'm not a big fan of this flash effect on all the clips.  I think you could've used it a bit less.  The ninja overkill on Onslaught was pretty good.  
I gave it a like because I liked the gameplay and I appreciate the effort to make a montage. Keep working on it.