Ishii :: "Shokunin" - Edited by Scace

Rarely post on here, but I felt like I really needed to share this one with you guys. Clay did an amazing job on this one with some of my better GP (IMO).


Thanks for watching. Lemme know what you guys think.

Thank you Ishii-san
I don't have anything against nub tages, but there were too many people just standing still for my liking. The last couple clips were pretty sick though.
Loved the feel of this one! The wobbling flood tits angle on the Isolation play... That shit threw me off in a good way. Great collab, guys!
Your best work yet, Scace. Loved the feeling it gave me.

LMAO I can't unsee 2:13. 

This was awesomely edited though, Scace. The syncing was cool and somehow the quick cuts to the shots of Ishii worked well with the song and your effects. The whole ninja audio in the beginning worked pretty well too, even if it was cheesy. As far as gameplay, this had a LOT of noobs in it standing still or running in straight lines. Still cool to see clips like the Narrows tac exterm on thumbless kittens. Guardian overkill stick was pretty dang cool too. I'll be rewatching for sure.

Thanks fellas! This is definitely my most abstract edit I feel, glad it turned otu good, and yes everybody likes the isolation tits angle lmao

​To clear two things up. This is a leftover tage and not meant to be seen as a main, 2nd the audio in the intro is from a documentary called "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" that speech is from the film, I just replaced the word "sushi" with "montage. You should also look up what "Shokunin" means, will make a lot more sense.

IMO the second part could've been synced better to the music, and it felt too Hyena-ey to not be from Hyena. That said, good angle-work and overall the edit is solid. Some great unique clips in there as well. Flood titties fo life

I'm not as focused on syncing as most people who edit are, I like to do what I call occasionally synch lol just remember synch doesn't equal good flow.

Hyena is my main influence for editing for sure, I don't keep that a secret, but I felt that this was pretty different than what he normally does. Abstract sure, and editing to music without vocals are the only similarities I see. If you're going off of the Japanese stuff though I can see how you'd think it's similar, but Ishii is actually Japanese lol

I liked it.

Clips were full of thumbless opponents at times, but there were some nice ones in there as well.

Editing and feel were nice, only thing I would say is work on your mid-clip angles. They always come off as really jarring to me in your videos, Scace, and I think if you can get them to flow a little smoother with the clip you'll have much better videos overall :)

I feel like smooth syncing is priority #1 to achieve flow. Lol why have I imagined him as scandinavian this whole time...

I'm not as focused on syncing as most people who edit are, I like to do what I call occasionally synch lol just remember synch doesn't equal good flow.

Although that can be true, most of the time, good sync will give you good flow in a video. Either way, I enjoyed the video. Liked being able to just watch the clips pretty much raw, although there a bit too many AFK kills imo. Editing was nice and simple, worked with the soundtrack, which I wasn't really a fan of tbh but w/e.

​Ishii is actually Japanese lol

Oh, didn't know that :O That's cool.

Already said it on Youtube but I really loved this. I thought the editing suited the gameplay really well, since the clips are preeeetty crazy in my opinion. I've really been craving a "lightly edited" (not to say it wasn't well-edited, obviously) montage with clips as good as these for a while now.

watched this shit like 10 times now

ya'll leeching off hyena's aesthetic so hard 


Had a great feel to it and I think it has a high rewatchability factor Clay, Mike Im excited to see m9 clips :)

Good thing Hyena liked this tage.
Who cares if it's still enjoyable?
this was cool. awesome editing and gp.
was about to ask if the intro was from the Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentary cuz it seemed familiar, but you already said that. anyway, i really liked the edit as well. Isolation titty angle, but also the snowbound cave angle and others that were short, sudden but synced worked for me. got my attention for sure. Good shit, even though i agree that a lot of the clips had afk/bad players. But they usually do with other duckhunt tages as well, and at least you just didn't try to make it look like more than it was by showing basically all of the clips.