Here is some h2 if you're bored

Sorry mates, I don't post much on other threads anymore,
I just let you know that I posted a new vid.
much love everyone



Nice highlights Baguette, I mean Leoni.

what is this baguette obsession I don't even

nice lil clips in here

Mattyboiii! My love. Its good to see guys like you and ethical still running lockout 6 years later.

Clips were tight man, Im excited to see what you have, especially those noscopes on impact were dope.

All the best! Ill see about that account thing

thank you buddies :) 

tycho my dude, it would be awesone if you could get my account back !
and get your ass on mcc

nice gameplay
I saw that bybyby during the clip on me you sneaky baguette bastard.