Spenzzzz Halo 3 CampaignTage - Edited by TranQ

Well it wasn't up very long on the old site and I feel like it should get some more love so, Enjoy :)


That was really unique and enjoyable i liked it!
thank you man:)
Loved the clips but I wasn't feeling the overall tone of the video. I didn't like the song that much either. Keep at it though. Campaign montages are swweeeeet
thank you man :)

Personally I didn't care for the song much but there were some sweet clips/sticks/tricks in there. Nice to see fresh content on a 7 year old game. I've always felt that campaign was largely looked over by players, maybe not as much now that MCC is out but still.

This was unique as fuck and that's exactly what this community needs more of. Props to u

thank you swanky I'm really glad you enjoyed it and appreciate it! :)
thank you for the front page slater you are the bomb :')