THF H5 Montage Contest Startup/Help/Idea Thread

So im sure you guys can see that that this site is on its last breath and for me and alot of members here that is a sad sad sight to see. The idea on a montage contest has been brought up before but the talks quickly died down.

I feel if we do it right we can get a huge boost to this site, other sites are doing great and no reason we shouldnt be one of them.  Below are some ideas i have on how we could do it and spread the word and get other communities hyped for it.

1 First things first we have to get someone to make a sick promo for the contest, if that gets made i will get the video views if i have to do it my damn self. lol.  Posting it all over Twiiter, Beyond, and R/Halo,  SHC, asking pros/343 to R/T.

2 Get Kampy involved. He has already said he would help out with the promoting and whatnot and even throw into the prize pool. If he promoted on his stream that would be a huge boost for the contest and to this site.  

3 Help from 343. Get R/T's from them, get the contest on the front page of their news, get on the halo channel, get them to play the promo during the HCS events on the weekend. I have got Halomaggots stick to be shown during the HCS events so im sure i can get a promo for a montage contest. Also Mint Blitz can possibly help out also with that since he has a few videos of his that get shown.

All we gotta do is make a badass promo and spread it like a wildfire throughout the Halo community . If we do that everything else will fall into place.

Does anybody else have any ideas or suggestions on who could edit this for us?  And please guys this may be this sites last chance.  No need to wait around for Nv1 when he has time he will help out. But we gotta get the ball rolling.

Thanks for reading <3


Just reached out to some editors, players & Halo people.

Asking around on Twitter right now,  what should the promo be like? Gameplay? just a title? something fancy? something simple?
Yes. Do this.
Im tryingggg
Why close it off to Halo 5?

For the promo I would do something like this:


Use royalty free music so that other people will use it on their channels, 343i will use it and even put it on their stream, etc.



Agreed. I don't think it should just be H5.
The reasons it should be H5 is because that is what Kampy and the pros play, They dont play the others. There's more of a chance 343 will help promote a H5 montage contest.
If it's an H5 only contest that be would very discouraging.  I definietly would not care to support or participate in that.
I think Halo 5 should be the "face" of the operation, but we absolutely need to accept all Halo's. I've already talked to multiple people who are disappointed at it being Halo 5 only. This needs to chnage. 
Having just H5 eliminates 99% of video makers on this site lol

Having just H5 eliminates 99% of video makers on this site lol


I think Halo 5 should be the "face" of the operation, but we absolutely need to accept all Halo's.

This would be my suggestion.

This most important factor in a montage contest is money.  There has to be a big enough prize pool to incentivize people to compete, the last one we had was $1000 so it would be ideal if that was the case again.  However you cannot rely on soley donations to fund a prize pool.  As we saw last time, Ohem and Klima were practically begging people for donations and they only received about $100 from this community; and it was bigger in 2014 than it is now.  There absolutely must be an entry fee as well as a donation option to help crowd fund the prize pool.

Everything else can be easily sorted out and organized.  Making a logo, picking judges, advertising it on Waypoint, Beyond, r/Halo, YouTube, Twitter, etc.  But the issue of prize money needs to be resolved first before any further steps are taken.  And just to reiterate my earlier point, if you limit this to an H5 only competition I guarantee you that the contest will die and become another passing joke on this forum.  All Halo games need to be accepted.  The easiest solution is to simply follow the model of the past two montage comps we've done here, no need to fix what isn't broken.  
If Halo 3 was also included, I would try to get clips for another smaller montage. I would be willing to put down money for an entry fee also to support this. You could close it to H5 only but I guarantee you that the quality of the contest will drop significantly. The majority of the most passionate, talented, and dedicated montagers don't play Halo 5 a lot. 343 probably wouldn't support it either way, besides accepting submissions to the Halo Channel. If we're lucky Unyshek or someone would help give it a shoutout somehow. You can submit whatever you want to the Halo Channel, but you have to use royalty free music which kills almost any big montage for me regardless of the gameplay.
Like i said in the other thread the idea of the contest isnt to make all the current members happy, its to bring more members. Most of the Halo community is playing H5 not H1/H2/H3.

If we get a couple of pros to make videos and enter that would be huge for the site, and they would be making only H5 videos.

Maybe there could be a H5 only category  and another one with all the games allowed.

H5 contest would draw in new members and help the contest get promoted alot.

The H1/2/3 category would be for everybody on the forum basically.
Said this in the VIP thread but there are more NEW content creators for legacy halo on YT than H5 creators, let's be logical
If you accept older halos i'll take the time to make a proper tage and submit it. If not i honestly could not give less of a fuck
Yeah Id be in if MCC is included.
I'm down to enter if older Halo's were accepted. For the prize pool, I'd be down to donate some monayeee to the table.