Halo MCC Community Customs *Read Below*

I want to get Active Halo 3 Hardcore Custom games going since I heard that its tough even trying to get a game when searching due to the fact that people moved over to Halo 5 or just gave up on the playlist itself. Hardcore/MLG (2v2s,3v3s,4v4s) also fun gametypes can be setup if anyone has those gametypes & maps so that I can download them (Fat kid, Halo, H2A Basketball, etc) The Hardcore/MLG games would be a great way to have friendly competitive games & a way for younger players or players seeking to improve get a great experience; since I was once that kid who was playing on 2 sensitivity struggling 3 years ago. Teams would be evenly matched. If you don't have a mic, don't worry about it you can still play. You guys have as much say in this as me since who t'f am I anyway. I would like to start a Skype chat since it'll be much easier setting up games as quickly as possible & at anytime rather than having to come on THF to check the thread. If you do not have a Skype account, please get one you'll know when games are being setup so that you can get in on them. My Skype name is senseimaverick you can post your Skype name on this thread or DM it to me on THF or message Sensei Maverick on XBL so that I can add you to the chat. If you have any questions or concerns please comment below on this thread. Other Halo games are optional like Halo 2 classic, Halo 2 anniversary,etc. That is all based again off you guys if enough people are willing to play we can get those going. If you have friends that like customs but they may have not seen this thread please inform them & tell them the simple steps above ^^ ty. This thread might not even be read or people might not even message me but I just wanted to try to make a small difference but if not at least I made an effort to. 

thank you for reading hopefully we can get some customs going.

This sounds really dope, but Im still enjoying H5 :p
every time i see threads like this I can't help but think rip sweaty kids. I hop on MCC occasionally. if you ever see me on MCC feel free to send me an inv.