Massive Gamertag Reset on Wednesday

If you were going for "Alen", I think it was just taken. :(

Yeah, I was at work all day while this was happening.
I managed to get Alen with a captial i instead.

Been trying to get "Greatest" all day and it isnt working... wtf.

9 hrs into refresh n chill and shes still not giving you anything

edit: hah, make that 11 hours. i cant even keep track of the time anymore

Those dirty bastards made it available while I was asleep.. I knew it would happen. Luckily my gf woke me up by accident three hours after I went to bed, so I got up and checked again. Fucking available. And then I had some credit card problems while stressfully finding my way around Xbox making me pick a state to live in, but I ultimately got what I wanted and I changed online on the site (because being a fake Brit with a Norwegian card is apparently more right than being a fake American with a Norwegian card).

I got Markzman. I'll never be closer to the true original, so I am thrilled. Worth the 12+ hours I spent waiting for it, but fuck no it wasn't.

a lot of people turbo'd tags and instantly got them banned as result
Haha you guys. My old OG tag wasn't affected by this reset but I'm still happy to kept "Gorillars" save after I added the clantag in front of my main account. My friends "Criporc" and "Yozify" did the same. SAVE ALL THE OGs haha

a lot of people turbo'd tags and instantly got them banned as result


some weird modding thing lol
People have had turbos for years on OG tags. Basically a program that checks the availability of the tag and claims it when it comes available. Does it insanely fast (think hundreds of times per second). Microsoft has been banning peopl who do this for a while now but a bunch of people still did it yesterday, resulting in a ton of sick tags getting banned right away. Even the hackforums people had PSAs against using turbos for this.