Everyone still dead?

Just stopping by to say howdy.
Dead af. Howdy hope youre well
im doing well slater thanks for asking 
my dutch brethren
A random Dennis appears. Damn son whats good
Hi everybody.  Randomly ran into Colostomizer on MCC a few weeks back and made me think of all the good and bad times on this site.  
Happy 4/20 everyone!
Yep, I'm dead. The whole community has moved to twitch

My online self is substantially less shitty without this website. 

I do miss slater tho.

So I’m taking one of my old Xbox 360s to work and gonna play people from my department during our social times. Keeping the dream alive a bit :)


just booting up halo 3 makes me think of this place fondly and y’all too.  

wtf Dutchy in this thread. you know I still watch lag warrior sometimes.
That moment you can’t remember your login from 14 years ago. Sad day, but glad to still see some familiar faces!
Just saying hi from the grave