Bowling Thread

Old site had one so why not?   Post your games and series!


I got my first 700 series tonight. 278, 226, 246 for a 750. I'm pretty stoked the last time I had a chance at a 700 was a couple months ago and I choked really hard my last game and ended up with 687 which was my highest then. It's kind of silly but it really is one of the more prouder moments I can say I've had. That is something I've had my mind set on since like 5th grade when I started league so pretty cool to have accomplished that. Highest game prior to this was a 279 so no new record there but I did hit 10X in a row which is a new high.

Ok enough ramble from me, any other good games out there? Titanium I'm looking at you!

Awesome man... I've only broke 200 a handful of times.  That was when I took 2 bowling classes in college ha. 

oh yeah, my kind of thread! did alright last night: 225/172/192/589. the lane conditions have been horrid this year. new manager is trying to find one that works and he's changing it weekly.  I hate it, but last nights pattern was great. highest game score this season is 255 and highest series was a 653. summer league I killed it. highest average in the league, had multiple 260s, a 279, and a 703 series. I have had 2 700 series in my life. got close to a 300 two weeks in a row, 3rd games started with 8 in a row. i'll get it one day, and i'll get that elusive 800 that is so damn difficult.


nice scores, kat. how many leagues you in? what are you throwing?