THF Montage Competition Winners [History]

From 2005 to now!
01/31/2015 - 1:35pm

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​Halo 2 Montage Contests.
  • Montage Contest #1 [2005]
  • Montage Contest #2 [2005]
  • Montage Contest #3 [2005-2006]
  • Montage Contest #4 [2006]
  • Montage Contest #5 [2006-2007]
  • Montage Contest #6 [2007]
Halo 3 Montage Competitions.
  • Halo 3 Montage Competition #1 [2009]
  • Halo 3 Montage Competition #2 [2010]
Summer Editing Contests
  • THF Summer Editing Contest 2012
  • THF Summer Editing Contest 2013
THF Movie Competitions
  • THF Movie Competition 2014


THF Movie Competition 2014

Announced May 10th 2014

Announcement THF MC 2014

Voting HUB (see all rounds of voting but the finals)

Full Results

Winner: FatRat Montage 3


TheHaloForum Summer Editing Contest 2013

Announced June 22nd 2013

Announcement Summer Editing Contest 2013
2013 Winner: LocaL


TheHaloForum Summer Editing Contest 2012

Announced May 20th 2012

Announcement Summer Editing Contest 2012


Winner: Revenge


Halo 3 Forum - Halo 3 Montage Competition #2

Announced July 21st 2010

Complete list of entries.

Winner: Dutchy - Montage 2 :: Edited by Exus

Subcategory Winners

Best Intro
Frenetic Array :: Edited by Mattison

Best Gameplay
Roadblock - Final Montage :: Edited by Backfire

Best Cinematography
Dutchy - Montage 2 :: Edited by Exus

Most Original
Look Before You Leap 3 :: Edited by Gary UK

Best Editing
Dutchy - Montage 2 :: Edited by Exus

Halo 3 Forum - Halo 3 Montage Competition #1

Announced January 23rd 2008 


Winner: Dualtality :: Edited by Fragtality Gameplay: Fragtality + Sticktality

Halo 3 Forum Montage Contest 6

Announced October 10th 2006

Contest 6 Announcement
Winner: The Finale

Short presentation of all submissions in one video By QsK King

Halo 3 Forum Montage Contest 5

Announced July 10th 2006

Contest 5 Announcement

Winner: Reid18 - All I want for Christmas is you / Montage 5


Halo 2 Forum Montage Contest 4

Announced December 29th 2005

Contest 4 Announcement
Winner: ItWasLuck - Montage 5


Halo 2 Forum Montage Contest 3

Announced October 15th 2005

Third Montage Contest Announcement
Winner: ItWasLuck - Montage 4


ArKiVe's 2nd (4th place)
FragCollection by RoC
Halofr3ak's 1st
ItWasLuck's 4th (Contest winner)
Nokturnal's 3rd
Oompa's 7th
shook on3's 4th (2nd place)
Trauma's 1st
Unreal's 1st
Titan VIII's 4th (3rd place)
Ol Man Makawoski's 3rd
ZafierX's 4th
MADDOG's 1st
Reid18's 3rd
BSiK's 5th
Mike/Dan's 2nd
Halzred's 4th
JoeKing7's 2nd

Halo 2 Forum Montage Contest 2

Second Montage Contest, only thing close to an announcement/FAQ type thread still to be found
Winner: Vrbas - Montage 3

Quotes from Z in final votings.

TheHaloGod - It's Different! Great gameplay, great quality, decent editing, great original music (humor factor)!

VrBas - 1st of its kind! This was the first H2F montage to have passed the HBO's MSRRP. First of its kind to start the dramatic music trend and first of its kind to start the amazing editing trend, and possibly the montage with best video resolution!

Titan VIII - Skill, skill, skill! Lots of skilled gameplay with unique touch to the editing. Quality is great and music is heart pounding that fits perfect with the editing and gameplay!

Aftermath. (Irony)

TheHaloGod's montage, Untouchable turned out to live up to its name and THG showed everyone why he deserved the name he chose. Untouchable is without a doubt the most viewed Halo montage of all time today and many old school members of the Halo community still view him as one of the pioneers to kickstart the Montage culture.

TitanVIIII didn't get as far TheHaloGod did, but if you ask the people who were around back then, they'll tell you that he had amazing gameplay for that age.

VrBas peaked during this contest, he lost most of his clips because of computer viruses and didn't bother re-editing his fourth. His name fell out of the scene shortly after.

Halo 2 Forum Montage Contest 1

First Montage Contest Announcement
Winner: Dymdez - Montage 2