Where are the Notifications?

I've been on this site a day now, I'm still baffled. In the top right corner, it will show someone's else profile pic if they have responded to you, but if you click on it, it just takes you to your own profile. Any help would be appreciated.  

Haha, that's actually a caching issue. You're always supposed to have your own avatar in the top right. I usually end up with Llama's or Ian's.

You only get a notification if you receive a Private Message, which will be a red number in that little box next to "your" avatar in the top right :)


Sent you a PM just so you can see the notification.

That's so weird Hable!  I usually end up with yours.  



Meant to be?


I hope not.

It's just a site bug.  Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
Yeah, mine changes a couple of  times until I get to the actual forum part. One time I got FatRat's. That was kinda cool. :-)

I didn't know  you had been a member here longer than me until right this moment... I always pegged you as an '08 newb.


Still meant to be fgt

I get everyone's, it's an avatar orgy on my screen. 
its how we make you guys identify more with eachother, its a community improvement scheme.