Entering the montage scene

Hey there, so i have been playing halo since halo 1 came out. I played alot of  Mlg as well back in 07 - 09, so im no noobie. I would really like to know some sats and techniques that alot of montagers use for clips, since i am entering the montage scene. Which console is better for getting clips, what playlists, what time of the day is the population best for getting clips on those consoles. Any help at all would be great and i thank you in advance.


It really depends on what kind of clips you want to get. I personally prefer Team Slayer and Team Snipers on Halo: MCC.  I play like a fucking lunatic on crack and just like to hit buttons in an attempt to kill people.

Other people prefer Big Team Battle, while others prefer MLG / Team Hardcore.

Basically figure out what kind of player you are / style of clips you want to go for, and go from there :)

Last clip was fucking dumb. Congrats, you're in.
Right on thanks hable.

If you're playing Halo 3 (which I personally am a fan of for some reason) then either MCC or 360 H3 is good. 360 Halo 3 you basically nowadays have Lone Wolves and Social Slayer. Maybe Multi Team at the weekend if you're lucky, or even better if you can party up in social slayer with 8 people AND be given party leader, you can duck them into lobby and start a multi team search AND have them not quit, then you're golden. Those things line up once in a blue moon though, lol.

The key for social tages is playing with shit kids, which means not winning any games if you can avoid it. Keep your LW rank below 12-15 if possible, and try and lose or AFK social slayer games (afk only if you're not actually playing, don't throw away your life for social H3 clips in 2016 son) to keep your social slayer rank down because although it's not that well known, every social playlist has a hidden rank going on in the background called Tru3 Sk1L1. Trust me that every montager is doing shit like this, so yeah, you have to let your Halo soul burn in hell and derank or lose on purpose (which is hard in slayer playlists while also going for clips) to have a better chance of getting clips.

Best way of putting this into practice is to quit if you see other montage kids in the game, or a gametype/map you hate, or some kids you think will be too sweaty. Doing that and sticking to it and never getting all like 'AARGGHH I have to prove myself to these scrubs and win this shitty gametype' or 'I shall DESTROY this montage kid!!1!1!' is great strategy to keep your rank low and chance for clips high.

I haven't played MCC in ages but the best playlists I see in clips all the time are team slayer, Big Team and Snipers. Hardcore too for MLG clips if you can get those.

The only other tips are learning spawn locations, weapon drop times, etc. Go for the highest sensitivity you can learn, because it improves the look of clips and overall reaction time.

Also, just FYI GP standards are brutal in 2016. I wouldn't even save half of those Lone Wolves triples you have, even though they're decent clips. The only actually 'good' clip is the laser exterm... sorry to sound so brutal, but that's the sad reality of the standards these days. Still, if you don't have any better, don't let it put you off. It just means you'll 100% be editing your own clips, but doing the whole package is more respectable and will make you better at editing and getting sick clips as you progress.

The best time to get clips is usually when the most people are on. More people = more noobs. So basically the weekend, and earlier is better. I like to imagine most of the noobs are on early during the weekend, right after they get bored of playing with their Thomas the Tank Engine train set, and have gotten their chocolate milk from mummy. There are still noobs to be rekt all week long, 24/7, but then is the most ripe time. To clarify, with 360 H3 it can be very hard to find games past 12AM, at least until the European continent starts waking up again.

Oh and last but not least, you'll want to fix your capture card. The resolution/aspect ratio is really off. You want to make sure your Xbox is outputting 720p or 1080p, whichever one your card supports, and in widescreen. It looks all stretched and fucky.