[Voting Closed] THF Movie Competition 2016 - Round 2: Pool I

Choose up to 3 videos.

Montage | Editor | Gameplay

Death Machine | Editor: Hyena | Gameplay: Hyena
88% (43 votes)
Phase II | Editor: Piano Frenzy | Gameplay: Piano Frenzy
57% (28 votes)
Turbo Killer | Editor: RT | Gameplay: Nokt
43% (21 votes)
Summer Colors | Editor: Fud | Gameplay: Emnion, Ishii
43% (21 votes)
Halo Reach Montage 5 | Editor: DoubleAA | Gameplay: Absolute Keat
39% (19 votes)
Total votes: 49

Round 2: Pool I

Vote for up to 3 choices, the top 3 advance to Round 3. Ties will be determined by the judges overall rating. Voting results will remain hidden until the poll closes on November 20th. You may cancel and change your vote at any time.

REMEMBER: Voting closes November 20th!

Pool I

Montage Editor Gameplay
Death Machine Hyena Hyena
Summer Colors Fud Emnion, Ishii
Phase II Piano Frenzy Piano Frenzy
Turbo Killer RT Nokt
Halo Reach Montage 5 DoubleAA Absolute Keat


Death Machine | Editor: Hyena | Gameplay: Hyena



Summer Colors | Editor: Fud | Gameplay: Emnion, Ishii



Phase II | Editor: Piano Frenzy | Gameplay: Piano Frenzy



Turbo Killer | Editor: RT | Gameplay: Nokt



Halo Reach Montage 5 | Editor: DoubleAA | Gameplay: Absolute Keat


the machine.
I went top 3, keat was really close to making it :/ tough pool
Death Machine, Summer Colors, Keat M5

fud got my vote because ive been looking for my wacom pen for a month and havent found it. so their edit gives me some piece of mind.

adhd makes it difficult to watch edits over like 7 min tho, without a lot of song transitions . 

edit: why is that highlighted
and what happened to the HTML editor for posts?

damn first time seeing turbo killer , great vid...so much extra work getting those hce and h2 angles Ican relate

Hyena - Death Machine

Piano Frenzy - Phase II

Nokt - Turbo Killer

So what's happening with the tie?
I honestly thought it was going to be the top 3 that would advance this round. Amazed and grateful I've gotten the votes I have. Happy to make it as far as I have regardless if I go onto the next round or not. Have no idea how ties are handled.
Keat should have beat Summer Colors easily, dunno what happened there. Whatever, the best entries will be the last standing no matter what.
This forum hates Reach lol.

So what's happening with the tie?

The judges scoring will be used to break ties. After reviewing the scoring spreadsheet, Summer Colors will advance. Great run by RT and Nok with Turbo Killer though.

Gotta agree, while every entry in this pool was strong, but Keat's M5 certainly deserved to advance in this pool. Hold this comp on any other platform and I think it would've advanced
Turbo Killer is a great vid

Thanks Hyena, it means a lot.

Keats montage is just a bit to long for me. It definitely has some of the best social gameplay I've seen and its giant map selection is unreal. However the edit just gets to me, specifically the clip cutting. I don't care if its the first, third, or final kill there are moments where I just want to experience the clip, but I always find it cutting to something else. Like at the beginning of the third (?) song on Uncaged where its just flips through the kills, I feel it just wants to show me the high multi medal more than anything else or on Damnation with the 360 noscope its a quick cut right before it starts, then effects while its happening its just distracting me from what I really want to see, the 360 no scope. The rest of the edit was great, I felt it had a great use of effects, good angles (love the upside down angles), good transitions.

Summer Colors didn't have as good of gameplay to me, but the editing was more enjoyable. I just felt sucked in by the music and the editing. The music fit right in with the montage name, specifically Summer. The storm on blackout was a nice touch for those summer night rain storms. It just had a great theme and stuck to it, thats what really stood out to me anyways. It was just more of a complete package. Not that it didn't have its own problems, the main thing that bothered me is that it was constantly slowing down clips to fit the music. Though I suppose it just might have to be a sacrifice when you have high multi's. I wouldn't know I've never had that problem haha.

All in all I could have seen either of them moving on. Had I not voted for myself Summer Colors would have gotten my vote, but Keat was a great contender and would have had me guessing.