Deadpool Trailer

ahh looking forward to this.  thanks for posting.

DMX lols

Hahaha so looking forward to this! I used to read a lot of spidey and a bit of other marvel comics and the stories Deadpool was in were always funny.
I have just seen this video and it seems very funny. I am used to read the Deadpool stories and marvel comics. Really an interesting share!
Movie was dope. Saw it the other night. It's breaking records too.
Haven't seen it yet but I will this Friday and super excited about it. I've got high hopes and expectations... ^^
Watched it 2 days ago, awesome movie 9/10.
Just got back from seeing the movie and it was my favorite Marvel "super hero" movie easily. Enjoyed it more than both avengers movies and all other marvel films. Brilliant dark comedy.
was pretty good, not everything hit but with 10.000 punchlines thats not a biggie.
Definitely on my top superhero movies list. It's been a while since I've even been excited about any of the films in the genre.
"I was just having a nightmare I tried to kidnap Liam Nessons daughter, he wasnt havin it"