I need a VPN

This is my second time getting an infringement notice from comcast, well technically my parents got the letter but I am at fault. Anyways, I tried setting up a free VPN but wasn't starting torrents properly when I tried it so I had to turn it off and then on again in order to get the meta data downloaded. I figure that basically voids the point of using the VPN.

I have never used a VPN however let alone paid for one so I could use some help trying to find a good one. I'm afraid if I get the cheapest one I'll just be shafting myself in some way when I should have gotten the one that was a bit more. If anyone has any advice there I would appreciate it.

My friend told me to look at what torrentfreak recommended and I kind of went through them here https://torrentfreak.com/anonymous-vpn-service-provider-review-2015-150228/

TorGuard seems like a good site but then I also saw one that would save me around $20 a year if I went with them. Anyways, does anyone have any experience with VPN's or knows any that they would recommend?

Ive been using FrootVPN for free but I got an email that they're quitting the free service to a minimum of 3 bucks a month I think.

Im not knowledgeable on the subject other than that and combining it with peerblocker.

How are the speeds that you get with FrootVPN? I'm afraid if I get a real cheap VPN it will be congested and slowed speeds.
You can almost guarantee lower quality speeds with free VPN's, shell out 3/mo for life-changing difference. 
My internet here is shit so it doesnt matter to me, will cap out at 550 either way. As long as i can get a few gbs in a couple of hours i dont give a fuck.
Ah, that's understandable. I can reach around 5mbps on a torrent if I use my desktop which is connected via ethernet cable so it might be worth it more to spend the extra couple dollars. I think I'll get a better value if I get the year package where ever I decide to go. First I'm going to try a month though.

ive gotten a notice from comcast too, been trying to use private torrents but its a bit meticulous and the content is limited.. this thread made me look into a serious vpn, was using frootvpn but the speed is unbearable. thinking about buying a year of this


seems worth it down the road, and the speed in most of US looks to test out to ~25mbps/5-10mbps

this one looks pretty worthy too


I bought a month of PIA and im getting 2.7mbps on my torrent. If i buy a year the service is 3.33 a month so I think I'm definitely going to go with that one. It gives me the option to easily switch between like 25 countries which is also nice.