RIP Xbox One

Welp, just shipped off my console to Texas to get it repaired (or replaced).  Won't be online for a few weeks so if you're wondering "Damn, amalL hasn't been on in 2 whole days!?! He must have died" just know I'm waiting to for my box to come back. 




why not gmalL? surprise
Who cares?  You just grind for clips in Team Slayer all day anyway u n00b.  
I just bought a 360 tonight and omg its so much better than the one. redownloading all my old games. midnight club la, mw2, reach, Tetris splash, so much nostalgia oh and the 360 controller uugh feels so much better
My 360 has literally been sitting on top of my xbone for about 6 weeks. controller, UI, and games are soooo much better than the one. Probably won't touch the xbone until warzone firefight in June, and even then I'm not sure if I'll stay back on H5.