I'm looking for a good monitor for my xbox one

hey all, it's pretty simple, I've always connected my xbox to our home tv, but I'm so sick of the laggy delay feeling I get from playing on it.
I never really noticed it that bad, until MCC came out with H2C.
When I switch from H2V (I have a gaming pc with a good monitor so it runs as smooth as it can) to H2C I want to throw my xbox through the window out of frustration after 10 minutes. I constantly feel like everything I do happens later in game & I do feel like I'm getting more framedrops than normal.

so my question is, which monitors do u guys use and are u happy with them? which one would you recommend?
this is what my bro send me https://azerty.nl/0-1132-644257/iiyama-prolite-e2483hs-b1.html?utm_sourc...

but I wanted your opinions too since he has no personal experience. my price range is 100-200 euros, but the lower the better of course.

No experience of that monitor or it's brand but specs wise it's all good to go. For Halo 60hz is good and 2ms input is great. I have a pretty old 1920x1200 one with 5ms delay so I would know.
This might be help you narrow down the search: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2402169,00.asp


1080p, IPS, low input lag.

I'll take IPS > the slight MS lag anyday.

SAME: I have a monitor but i'm looking for a new one. I have a perfect 23 inch, 1 ms, Asus.


Im looking for one 18 inch or under. I just really LOVE small screens!

@Bxsouljah , that top 10 is a bit pricy but the info there is great thx man

vomit, I'll take ur old one, I offer 9,99$ & a candy bar

I've played on a couple Different BenQ models on halo and they're all very very smooth. I own a 24 inch, it's a little big for games like halo imo because of peripheral need, but it's hard to beat the response time and it will definitely step your game up once you get used to it.

To my knowledge: All you need to worry about is response time with mcc/xbone, as most other features (like refresh rate) only pertain to PC gaming (correct me if i'm wrong here bc i'm really not 100% sure).

ASUS VH236H - this is an older model but it's worth trying to find.

BenQ RL2455HM

alright, thx a ton guys
I also vote BenQ. I bought one on Black Friday and absolutely love it.

I run with a Samsung right now, like 2ms of lag. Upgrading to dual ASUS tilt monitors though hopefully. I really need to sell some of my current stuff now that I think about it. 

Pretty much you just want low latency, good dynamics/contrast, nice options and 1080p 60hz. 4K if you can squeeze it though.

I run a 19 for my monitor and my 48" 4K as my reference, with motion sense off I can still notice the ms difference.

From PRAD.de

Input lag

When there is a long delay between the movement of the mouse and the movement of the character on the monitor, target accuracy suffers and so does gaming enjoyment. There are many sources of input lag on computers such as wireless mice, DSL or software, which are not relevant when considered individually, but can collectively lead to a tangible lag. On the iiyama ProLite B2409HDS, the input lag fluctuates between 0 and 20 ms and is thus at an acceptable level, although it is not at the top level.

20ms is enough for a pixel to pass, you may not feel it - but it's there and it does affect gameplay. And considering that PRAD managed to record from 0ms to 20ms, I'd stay away from it. It's not a bad monitor, but for getting the best gaming performance, you got better stuff out there.


Response time on monitors is NOT input response. Response time is how long it takes for a pixel to change color after it recieved a signal to change. You have GTG (Gray to White to Gray) and BTB (Black to White to Black). I don't know ANY manufacturer that lists their input response. Use websites likes TFT-Central, PRAD.de, DisplayLag. They test these monitors to find the input lag. PRAD uses a fucking oscilloscope to measure it - you don't need to know what it is, it's just very, very precise :)

To diminish input lag as much you can, run at the monitors maximal resolution, it prevents extra processing for upscaling a 720p to fit into 1080p as an example. Disable all preprocessing functions, pixel smoothness, color corrections etc... There's often a gaming mode in TVs and monitors, enabling that removes most of these functions, always check if all were removed.


I'd save some more money up and go for a 24 inch 144Hz which you can use for both. Consoles are HDMI and majority of all computers use DVI today, so it's just a button click away to switch.

BenQ has a big selection of XL24 monitors.

ASUS has the VG248QE. Still one the best gaming monitors on the market. http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/test/2013/test-asus-vg248qe-teil7.html#B...(German site, but if you use chrome - Right click and press translate to English or whatever language you use)

Was literally coming here to post about DisplayLag and their database.