Hey, everyone my name is Iain and I'm new to The Halo Forum and to montaging and I'm curious about copyright I've done a lot of research about it and it follows some pretty hefty punishments. I was wondering if any of you mates could tell me what you guys and gals have learned and ways to get around it?  

Thank you for reading,


If it's Halo montages you're making it doesn't matter if you use a Jay-Z song as long as you don't gain money from it. A Youtube video might get blocked in some countries, get muted or taken down in worst case. It's not like you're ever gonna need a lawyer for this stuff.
Yeah, I figured. I just wanted to make absolutely sure before I start using certain songs. Thank you very much for answering!

Oh my God Hable you just saved me, man. I never knew this existed. This is so helpful. Wow man thanks. I just looked up the songs I was thinking of and everyone was useable. God damn that took a lot of stress off me.