Xbox One hardware inside original Xbox controller?

ive heard talk that this not a hard thing to do. Anyone here any knowledge or possibly the know how on this? I'd even be up for paying someone to do this for me if I supply the materials.

I haven't attempted this so I can't provide you with specific instructions but swapping the shells doesn't seem like too difficult of a task. You may have to do some cutting/gluing but overall I think it could work. As for the thumbsticks, I have no idea how that would work. You should contact a controller shop and ask somebody who works daily with Xbox controllers, they'd know a hell of a lot more than I would.

Good luck.

>He wants to pay someone for a task any middle school child should be able to accomplish

I can't remember who, but someone swapped the internals into the Duke and had them as a CE tourney prize or something. Very easy, assuming you can work a soldering iron and a few screw drivers.