Best external hard drive

Just installed Battlefield 1 and my xbox one is at 99.6% memory usage. Looking for any opinions or experiences you've had with external hard drives with your xbox one. I understand that pretty much any usb 3.0 external drive will work, but I see so many different articles online that contradict each other.

Is seagate actually less reliable than western digital? And what's the best value? After looking through many models I think I can compare it to movie popcorn....

1TB usually seem to average around $60. 2TB around $90. Then from there it's like the theater popcorn, you'd be stupid not to upgrade because often 3TB is only $10 more, some brands 4TB is only $10 more than that.  Now I'm looking at 4TB drives knowing that I'll probably never use or need more than 1TB. Thoughts?

Fastest you'll get without upgrading to a SSD and its relatively cheap. (using this HDD is actually faster than using the stock HDD in OG xbox one).

As far as Seagate goes, a couple years ago they had the worst failure rate. They could have bounced back since. I however have had a Seagate 1.5TB for about 4/5 years now that is still going strong.

Seagate is the fastest but it has a reputation for failing more often than other hard drives.  However, it's sort of a myth since failures are really only more common than its competitors for 3 TB drives which is why, if you're looking at Seagate, stick to their 1/2 TB, which are fantastic. I prefer WD but I got a good deal on two 2TB Seagate drives and I've had no problems with them (2 years of use now). If you're going to get 1TB, I'd go for the WD Blue, Seagate Barracuda for a 2TB, and both Seagate and WD Black are good for a 4TB. If you really care about reliability, go for HGST but Seagate and WD are good enough for your uses.

I just use a Seagate USB 3 2TB