Kickz H2 Living Souls Highlight Vid

Klicks has not been making vids for a while but managed to put this together in a couple days having got a new laptop. 

Not a 2016 entry but he asked me to post it anyway.

Content is content. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks a lot, buddy! You spelled my name wrong, but it's all g :). Hope everyone enjoys. It's nothing special, but it's just something sweet and simple. Like Amanai said 'content is content' so please just try and take it for what it is and enjoy. Thanks much.

Holy crap that plasma/fusion combo at 2:07 is incredible.

Love this song

Thanks, bud. laugh

Yeah I love the song aswell.

You should have entered into the contest kLicKz.  The quad shot for the triple on Middy was tight.  I liked the trocity on Terminal.  Some of these 1v1 sticks and  plays are disgusting dude.  Last clip was aight.  Nice little video man.