Fatal & JoeyClutch: Laser Dance - A Halo 3 (MCC) Dualtage

I've been trying to release some of my MCC clips in a video for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I only played MCC for about 2-3 weeks so I didn't really have enough clips to make a full video. Joey was nice enough to hand me some of his clips so I could put something together with my clips. The editing is minimal and was done over the course of a day or two. I've always wanted to edit a video using this song and I really enjoyed it. The video is titled "Laser Dance" because I first heard this song in Ocean's Twelve during the laser dance scene.

I'll be releasing one more video with the rest of my shitty MCC clips so look out for that. Sadly, that will likely be my last video until my fall semester ends but hopefully I've released enough content over the summer to keep you all entertained! Thanks for all the support and enjoy the video 

Nikkfurie - The A La Menthe



You've certainly released some dope content throughout the summer, and this was no exception. Sexy gameplay, and i loved those transitions you used that fit the song so well.
stellar job all round
Thanks. The song is a bit hit or miss but I had a lot of fun editing to it. Glad you guys enjoyed.
I wish you had differentiated which clips were yours and which ones were Joey's.  Not a huge fan of using a song like the one you chose if you weren't going to really edit to it.  I know it's a short, leftover type video, but I think it needed some effects or just something to make it more interesting to watch.  Clips are really good though.
This is quality editing, quality video