Emnion & Ishii in :: Summer Colors :: Edited by Fud [Official THF Entry]

Offical Kappa
The editing was pretty cool, definitly imaginative and creative. The gameplay was pretty good, just wasn't the cleanest. Especially for being a social montage. Saw a lot of body shot/clean up kills. Good luck in the contest.
that was a cute little video, very nice editing man, loved it. does ishii do anything but halo what the fuck? i want an ishii all time collection and to count up how many minutes his montages total to jesus christ.

Top flight contender for best editing. the masking skill and creativity you've displayed in both of your entries is unparalleled.

Gameplay is full of exterms turned into either another exterm or really high multis like that ridiculous killtastrophe on narrows - both extremely hard to do. Should be a contender for top 3 imo.

Hey guys editor here.  Just felt I should say some things about the edit.  First off summer colors and the whole pacing through songs was my idea on reflecting the fluctuation of my life this year, lots of ups and downs, slower parts and more fast paced parts.  I really tried to create something meaningful to me, because isn't creating art for your self satisfaction?  Yeah so enough of the personal stuff, the 4 bigger effects I tried to focus on (weather change on blackout, rainbow waves to background changes transition, laughter animation, and the whole dutchy nade over clip in general).  I also tried to bring myself to make these effects more abstract and overall bring myself to go towards competing in most original through editing.  I also tried to focus a lot on flow, personally I feel this is the best flow ive had so far, but it was also very hard given the variety through each song.  Effects definitely could have been touched up a lot, but im still very pleased with the outcome.  Love to hear feedback on what I can improve on, it really does help understanding what I need to try to change or focus on in future projects.  Also appreciate the feedback so far :D
these were actually mini clips lmao, but theyre deff montage standards, not the highest but ya just leftovers from ishii, and some stuff emnion hit while playing mcc
This montage is really cute.  Some of these transitions are gorgeous.  The killpocalypse on Narrows was probably my favorite clip.  The music is really...different.  Definitely creates a weird mood/vibe/theme/flow whatever you call it.  The sequence from 4:54 to 5:16 was done superbly.   Above average mutlis on the reg.  Really quality stuff from you three.

Ishii just sent me this and I thought I'd give you some feedback, one editor to another. Overall this was fantastic. I loved the creativity, balls (love the balls man, always put the balls in) and the music choices. I saw on the original upload you asking for constructive feedback that never came, and a few thoughts came to mind while watching it so I'll share here.

Firstly understand I appreciate how talented you are. You clearly know your way around editing software, just like a sixteen year old knows his way around his own blistered shaft. That said, I really felt like the editing dragged me out of the gameplay - I got to the end and realised I couldn't really name one clip I had taken in and been impressed by. Every editor is guilty of this at one point or another, just giving you a heads up.

Secondly, I think text placed in the middle of a Halo tage (ie rotoscoped to stuff) is really cheesy and throws you out of the (I don't want to say immersion because fuck 343 but you know what I mean). It's funny, because the 'I don't like myself...' effect was actually really cool in the sense that it hit me right in the feels, but it would have been better in like a music lyric video or something.

The twixtoring was also pretty distracting too, because the HUD was flickering everywhere. I'm no twixtor expert, but it's almost always better to just cut or fade out the HUD and then twixtor the HUDless footage. Halo always looks splendid without a HUD, and a montage gives you all the context you need for the clip anyway if done right. I could tell you rushed some of the effects because the masking looked weird, either around spartans' heads or that laugh thing (again, a cool idea, but I feel like the lyrics in the music are hard to make out, and therefore it's hard to make the connection to why there's suddenly a bunch of lips with an apparently half masked tooth dangling in the middle). That sequence as a whole was really excellent though, although (this is just a personal thing) in a montage that's all about creativity, I didn't like seeing the 'blackened steak level' of overly done white mask halo medals. I think soft announcer audio in the background is better, or even just making them pink or something like that so it doesn't feel like I'm having a mental breakdown flashback back to 50 other montages I've seen. I also didn't get what the ball of light that kicked off the teeth was doing, I rewinded to see if it came from the camo but it just grows from nowhere for no reason I could make out, which was a little distracting.

Again, this is me being really picky for the cause of giving you some constructive feedback. There were some 10/10 effects in there like the rain/darkening transition, off the top of my head. The montage was really cool, I love seeing someone else putting out weird shit as there isn't enough in this community, and I wish you the best in the comp. gg.

Oh and dat music choice. Will be downloading some new tracks fo sho.

This one was pretty sweet. The gameplay was real cool, as usual and the editing was nice. Some of the effects were really cool and others felt a little arbitrary and too flashy. Otherwise good work.