XXXX (Comp Entry)

I got back into playing Xbox when Halo 5 came out, and for me the multiplayer gave me the same feeling I had back as a kid when I was introduced to Halo 2.  I figured I could do something with the clips I had when I found out about the contest, so I started watching montages just to get an idea of what kind of video to make. Mastery was the video that got me hyped just because of how different it was from a lot of other videos I saw. I came into this with that idea, just wanting to try something different and see what happens. I hope everybody watching, veteran and newcomer alike,  can enjoy this video and just enjoy Halo in general. I've made some good memories and this is the story I'm going to remember it all by.  


Alright this is going to seem super rude because I hate Halo 5 so I can't really comment on anything but the introduction SORRY.

I loved what you did with the Cortana "hey wake up" I don't know, just got me nostalgic as fuck.

No worries man, appreciate the feedback! But that's what I was going for, I wanted to hit people with the nostalgia feels, it takes me back to that time. 
This was a cool, fun montage. Pretty decently made and the gameplay was just fun. I wouldn't say that they are as good as previous games, but I know what you mean when you say H5 reminded of H2. For me H4 reminded me of H3 although it is no where near as good. Sweet video and the final clip was the best.