HAble - Montage 7

This montage is a thank you to everyone who stuck with Halo as long as you have. This is most likely my final big Halo 2 montage, and I want this video to represent the struggle that was the MCC, but also the resilience of the Halo 2 community and some of the amazing creations that have come from the game (looking at you, Hyena and Hustla). I started recording for this montage in February of this year, and I finished recording in May. I wish that I could have gotten a few more clips outside of team snipers, but with time constraints and Halo: MCC being an all around awful experience I am happy with the clips that I did manage to hit. I can say without a doubt that a few of these clips are my favorite in my long Halo 2 career, and that's really all I was going for. I tried to fit as much map variety in as I could, and I tried my best to throw in some unique clips between the higher multi's (friends list bug on Ivory Tower, for example). I hope my spastic style isn't too hard to watch!

Enjoy your winnings in The Halo Forum montage contest, Beau, you deserve it. You have kept this community alive and inspired so many. Thank you for that.

To anyone I missed in the credits, I apologize. Thank you for taking the time to watch this montage, and I hope at least a few of the clips hold up to today's insane standards. 

I will continue to make Halo content and try to grow the Halo community, but I will attempt to do so more with my voice than with my clips like I have for so many years. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this long in my Halo journey. If you guys didn't support me I would have quit making videos a long, long time ago. Halo has led me to my career path outside of the game, YouTube led me to my fiancee, and my best friends were made because of this game. 

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the video.

As always:


Steve aka "HAble"

I'll never stop being impressed by good H2 clips.
That intro and outro/credits was sick. Some nice clips, i was expecting some more wiggle wiggles though.
Pretty good tage. Intro and credits were unique and I thought they were really neat. Well done Hable.

You didn't give me a shout out, after all we have been through.



It was enjoyable for sure, Intro and credits were sweet. Music was a nice change up as well. I told you earlier, you are the Vin Diesel of Halo,  you have been around since 2001 and just keep popping up in sequels we didn't know we wanted. Good work fam. 

Dat intro doe. Loved it, never would have thought to see something like that.

Love the fact that you'll throw clips in like 1:19. I think people are too caught up on seeing something good in a high multi. A good clip is a good clip.
Loved the stick at about 3 minutes in.
Not a ton of angles, but I enjoyed each angle that was put in.
Every clip in there was solid.
FFX ftw. Thanks for the shout out as well. I appreciate it.

Loved it dude, nice gameplay and chill editing. Also, the intro and credits were sick as fuck.
fuckin lol'd at the "Factor X" headline. crazy to think that we've been playing since like 06. 2v2 tac and burial mounds jaro were definitely my top favorite clips out of the whole video. very solid watch throughout the whole thing. much love, homie. 

Loved the banshee stick clip. Gameplay was really dope as a whole.

Intro was awesome although some of the titles were cringey, nailed it.

The body edit was kinda odd, I felt like it suffered largely from no sound fx at all and sometimes the flow was kinda wonky for me. However I thought you did a good job overall.

Great stuff dood

holy shit that was good, loved that intro

I remember seeing like, what, 2 weeks ago that you hadn't started editing yet? I wasn't worried going into it knowing that but boy were my expectations exceeded with that in mind.

The intro was insane (credits, too, but the intro just really started it off). Can't say I've ever seen something like that in a vid -- just really well done (was straight shocked to see myself included there) and IMO couldn't have been better unless you typed out a few sentences to begin the lorem ipsum text but still so tight. Just an awesome idea. Gameplay? I remember you telling me that it was going to be nothing but scoreboards, etc., and that was definitely not the truth. 2v2 snipes 'tac with spawn stick is top 3 favorite snipes clips ever. I don't have an order but I'm sure there's two others that have been dope in different ways. That clip was fuckin' gross. Absolutely LOVED the single kills that were included. Just like Nokt said, I wholly agree that clips like these should be included and yours were especially sick. The single on Leoni for the match is one of the best 1s clips I've seen (or at least certainly one of my favorite). You had a similar situation for the trip on Ascension that was just as fuckin' dope.  Agree with Wanny as well, the banshee stick (thrown at triple but ended up being tac) was straight fuckin' cocky and looked so clean. Last but certainly not least regarding the gameplay was the finisher. That Burial clip is tied for favorite ever with Hyena's in Wizard. I don't know man but for me personally, nothing makes me as nostalgic about early Halo 2 as Colossus and Burial clips and all of them included were sick. Oh, one more thing here. I am so fuckin' pleased with the map selection included. While I can sit and watch sk0ls' Midship footage all day, I thought it was fantastic that you had the map variety you did and I liked that Midship wasn't included. Unless they're insane Middy clips like what the LiT boys, Alen or a few other of the button combo monsters can throw down (I see you SeaVomit) I feel like we've seen all that Midship has to offer (just my opinion).

I would say the only thing that could've made this better for me, like Wanny, is if there was some gameplay audio thrown in. While I didn't feel that the video was necessarily hurt without it, I feel it could've only made it that much better, but this was the only thing that I felt was an issue. Either way I am very glad you got this out in time and absolutely enjoyed the fuck out of it, the gameplay especially.

Edit: Read through all the comments and was surprised to see that there wasn't more to be said about gameplay. It makes me think I've missed out on some quality Halo 2 tages so if anyone is bored enough to PM me some that'd be tight. This video has me wanting more Halo 2 right now.

Can't wait to watch this when I get home. Will edit later. :)

Absolutely loved it. 

The intro brought a lot of Nostalgia back, and made me think about all the good times I had staying up all night playing Halo 2 knowing I was only in middle school having to wake up in a couple of hours lol. Great clips as well, that 360 Killtac on Sanc was sick, and loved the Eminem song. 

I will forsure be watching this montage again 

Oh my lord, that intro was pure gold. Hit me in the feels so hard...
yooo hable, i absolutely loved this. i haven't seen such a stylistic intro and outro in a while (B SiK tage is a exception). The gameplay included so many unique and dirty plays. there were some really cool multis but i enjoyed the smaller plays a little bit more. my favourite clip might be the triple at 1:49 or the 2v2 tac. Nooo it is the fucking last clip. that eminem song gave the video a really special vibe. maybe my favourite h2 video this year after hyenas wizard. Great job dude and good luck in the competition.

Like i said on jordon's thread: Seeing videos with a personal level of investment always get me, intro was great, loved all the lost in time references. 
Gameplay was largely not my cup of tea but was very strong nonetheless. A few clips really stood out to me, mainly the pre-spawnstick snipe triple to tac in 2s. That's literally one of the best twos clips of all time. great work all around, definitely one of my favorite videos this year. 

What a week for Halo it has been! I just saw Hustla post a video, BlackHawk, B Sik and now I see this too. It's so great to see all of you guys still releasing new stuff. This is going to be a tough contest. That was a great watch Hable. I loved the intro and the gameplay was really tight. Other than Halo, I hope everything is going well!
Damn! Well done, dude.
Damn! Well done, dude.

The intro totally reminds me of this music video lmao:

montage 7 wtf man

Intro and credits were super cool.

Lots of sick clips but didn't really enjoy the song much.

Dude this intro is probably the best one I've seen so far in the contest.  It's sad, but still completely real and true; or 'trill'.   Man, 60 fps makes Halo look so much more prettier.  Yo that Zanzibar stick at 2:00 was bonkers.  I think you should've added the gameplay audio to complement the Eminem track.  It just kind of feels like something is missing without it.  I can barely read the text overlay at 2:56, I feel like if you were going to include that, it should have been more legible.   The Ascension frenzy at about 3:16 was dope.  Hable if I had to use one word to describe your playstyle it would be "fancy"; or maybe "unnecessary".   Nonetheless, you are pulling off clips that no one else really even attempts.

The angle work here is pretty good as well.  The last clip on Burial Mounds was probably my favorite.  I'm surprised you didn't credit "TheHableForum" in the outro.   Thanks for the shoutout bruh.  Very personal entry Hable, thanks for submitting something to the contest :)


nice montage
This was awesome. The intro was beautiful, the gameplay was really good and fun, and the editing was how it should be. Great work.....love that editing.