Spenzzzz - Halo 2 Rank Progression : New Series for the Channel?

hey guys, I recorded this about a week ago and finally decided to upload it to my channel. I wasn't sure how well it would be recieved or if there was even a desire for content like this and thats why I waited to upload. It's basically a road to 50 but not really because I'm searching solo and just seeing how high of a rank I can get in H2C. I really really would love to see feedback on how I should format these videos. I would honestly prefer to do shorter episodes because uploading this 20 minutes video took  me almost 24 hours on my internet. However I will cater to what people want. So if you have any feedback at all please throw it in either these comments or the youtube comments. Hope you guys enjoy :)



I skimmed through the video.  I think it might be more entertaining if you did it with some friends and recorded everyone's voices.
What would his friends do? Lol. He's searching solo. I'd say just skip to points where there's action or you explaining something of significance. Don't think anyone is going to watch each and every game you play, no offense. Well, at least me anyway.
thanks man appreciate the feedback :)
Yeah I would agree that sticking to more of a highlight series would probably be best, unless you feel that a particular game was impressive as a whole. Obviously it's whatever you want it to be, but in order to keep viewers entertained I'd say something on the shorter side with a bit of commentary. I'll keep checking them out.
I recommend searching with a party of 4 in H2C, otherwise he's not gonna rank up very high going solo dolo.

Currently a 40 in H2A, once i bang out that 50, I'm going for H2C feel free to add and run, already a 25 in H2C.

Gt - HoyXX

On topic, i enjoy these types of series, even the full gameplay aspect. Gl!

Turn this into a highlight type video. just show the interesting parts/parts that pertain to ranking up and it would be much more watchable.
alright I appreciate all the feedback guys I think I've got a decent idea as to which direction to take the video thanks :)