Take That! - A Halo 3 Ninjatage - THF Comp Entry - thestrangestick & Koggy

Take That! - A Halo 3 Ninjatage

Gameplay: thestrangestick/Koggy Edit: thestrangestick



1080p download

ATTENTION: I put way too much time into this. There are a lot of stylistic choices and little easter eggs that YouTube's incredibly modern 3mbit encoding does not even begin to do justice to. If you think you might enjoy this even a little bit, I strongly recommend downloading the original file. It's a little big, but it's worth it.

Boring write-up:


Whew. I'm so relieved to be typing this. I head off for a 2 week holiday tomorrow (ending after the competition deadline, annoyingly) and I have been working my hairy arse off for about 12 hours a day for too many days in the last few weeks to get where I am now.

This was originally an ambitious project I started with Koggy back in late 2014. I was really pleased with where it was heading, but as always I just lost motivation to work on it. I picked it up occasionally, and always knew I needed to finish it, but I felt no urgency about it until I saw (sadly later than I would have liked) that there was another comp here. I'm actually trying to break out into the scary world of editing stuff I didn't capture on an ancient console and maybe get paid for it, so this was pretty much perfect timing as far as giving maybe one last thing to the Halo community, a community I still have a secret, nerdy love for to this day. Although I somehow haven't played in many months, I still watch videos from time to time, and will always value the creativity and sheer entertainment still being pumped out by our frail community. I have all these clips I've been saving for my actual final, but honestly who knows if that will ever happen, so at least I am putting out something that I think will hold up, if it is my last contribution.

Vaguely sentimental waffle aside, a little bit about the montage itself: I had always wanted to edit a ninja only tage, mostly in general because I still get giddy about ninjas to this day, but specifically ever since I first heard this song, probably back in 2009. It had to be a ninjatage set to this exact music, and that's exactly what this is. 18 year old me would be so proud, but also like 'hey why the fuck are you still editing Halo videos? Don't you have a job?' I was glad to add Koggy to the clip roster, because although I'm proud of the clips I have, this type of unique montage can only benefit from a bigger pool, and Koggy also happens to ninja like it's the most casual shit in the whole world. I always sort of thought a ninjatage would just have to suck it up and find a way to present endless epitaph clips in a manner that didn't make you want to rub your eyeballs against a fork, so I'm especially pleased that we have enough variety in our clips to keep your eyeballs fork free.
I've honestly put potentially more time into this than the Animatage, and have sacrificed any kind of human or even hamster type sleeping pattern to get it done in time, so although it feels like I should write more to justify to myself why I happily waved goodbye to whole groups of emotions and little fluffy bits of my soul to finish it when I did, the best thing is to probably wrap this bollocks up, and probably delete it tomorrow morning when my brain is slightly less completely melted.

As a final note, thanks to everyone in this community. I was never the most involved on a social level in the scene (partly because I suck at interacting online even with people I know and love or who pushed me out of their vagina) but I've still met a lot of cool, talented people, as well as consuming endless hours of quality entertainment, and discovering a potential career choice that doesn't make me want to slither off my chair and die on the ground at the thought of actually doing it. A huge thanks also to the staff at THF for organising this competition - it always brings people back into the fold and delivers some brilliant content. Congratulations and good luck to everyone who was submitted so far - I haven't had any time to watch anything yet, but you bet I will be doing that when I get back.

Hope you enjoy,



This was intense for my eyes.

Good job man.

This probably wasn't the best montage to watch at 5am. My eyes are on fire so I'll finish watching it tomorrow lol. I'll post my thoughts then.

Okay, finally watched it. The song was so perfect for this video, it fit really well and you did a great job editing to it and creating a good feel for the video. I loved the formula you put for a ninja. There were lots of small, neat effects in this video (like the ninja medal on the bubble shield) and, on the whole, it was a really enjoyable video. I think the gameplay got a bit stale after the first few minutes but that tends to happen with themed montages like ninja and stick tages. Great work, I can see this doing really well in the contest. Good luck!

Also, no clue wtf was happening during that random break with the rainbows but your videos always have something fucked up like that so I guess it's to be expected lol.

Strangestick! Damn man. Nice to see you putting out a video.

That was simply perfect, that must of been so time consuming with all the fast little cuts and cut backs, as well as all of the masking you had to do. I could tell you put a lot of effort in and honestly I thought you absolutely nailed it. The song was perfect, clips were awesome throughout and original (I always love seeing someone try to use one type of gameplay throughout a video and to then see how different they can make each clip), your editing was on point throughout and I loved your little sort of 'animatage' throwbacks so to speak.

I think you're gonna do awesome in the contest, especially on the originality category! Nice to see you Strangestick.

This was ridiculously good, strangestick! The opera break was truly genius. Already looking forward to your next edit! 
The Sandtrap play...
I was hoping for some more unique type of ninja clips. The editing was really interesting and fresh though. Overall I liked it, you can tell you put a lot of work into it.
haha, your edits are so fucked up. Nobody puts out edits that make me laugh uncontrollably like this while still having actually great ideas. The fucking intermission or whatever with the rainbows was legitimately one of the best things I've ever seen in a montage. I guess the highest praise you can give this montage is that it's a ninjatage and it's actually entertaining to watch.
Holy shit, I've never watched anything remotely like that. I'm also sure that this is one of the most unique music choices for any halo montage. Loved your visualization of "the formula" and all the dizzying effects. Strong contender for most original and editing here. Nicely done! I'd highly recommend checking out your competition when you get the chance

My brain! The flashes!!



But seriously, two separate video players fucking broke when I tried to watch this.  It almost crashed Explorer. But I finally got a chance to watch the whole thing, and it is seizure fuel!

While it was great, I think there were a few clips that didn't really need to be in there--they obviously made it in because of that one ninja, etc.  Still a solid--crazy--montage!

Upon rewatching again, I've decided this is one of my favourite nostalgia trips of recent times and I really want this to do well in the contest. 
Fucking loved that so much man
love the opera break it was so sick
Sensory Overload

holy shit you're autistic as fuck

you've created yourself an aesthetic off sloppiness, incoherence, and trash.

best halo "edit" I've seen in 2 years 

That rainbow effect was beyond garbage, and you knew it was garbage, worst motion tracking I've ever seen, but it complements the end result. 


I knew I was in for something autistic when I saw your name because I remember your retarded editing from way back, but this was something else. This is mind boggling after seeing Trev's montage... I was just thinking how autistic his clips were (in a good way) but this video blows his out of the water for me. 

I think you're gonna do awesome in the contest, especially on the originality category! Nice to see you Strangestick.

Upon rewatching again, I've decided this is one of my favourite nostalgia trips of recent times and I really want this to do well in the contest. 

Thanks for the kind words man. Honestly at this point, most of my recent edits have partly been tributes to a time that was as well as just a fun way to spunk out some creativity, so I appreciate that sentiment. Glad you enjoyed, and good to see you too. 

Fucking love you too bud.



I know, right? Proud of the Kogster for that one. You've got to admire his balls. Thanks for the nice feedback :)


haha, your edits are so fucked up. Nobody puts out edits that make me laugh uncontrollably like this while still having actually great ideas. The fucking intermission or whatever with the rainbows was legitimately one of the best things I've ever seen in a montage. I guess the highest praise you can give this montage is that it's a ninjatage and it's actually entertaining to watch.

lol that last line. Thanks for the feedback man.


Thanks to everyone for all the feedback, all of it is appreciated. Although I practically replied to most posts, I always feel weird literally replying to everyone for my own strange reasons, so it's not because I think you're scum or anything. I managed to find a few free minutes to properly read this thread, but once I'm back from holiday I can reply more and more importantly, check out the rest of the submissions. I'm sure I've seen a few already and like always there's some brilliant content. Cheers guys. 



I'm not trollin'

Your editing reminds me of that one guy with all the stupid effects and cinematography that we all watched ironically but yours isn't that laughable. 


Your video is good for your massive amount of apathy to constructing something coherent. 



Are you talking about Godson lol?

fuck yeah that's it

he presented some quality trash 

The squiggly effect on the BR shot at 4:21 made me laugh my dick off

you did this all unironically? 


You just sent me on a 20 minute YouTube nostalgia trip - who didn't watch his shit back in their youth, huddled up in front of a dim CRT TV in their jimmy jammies, and whisper softly into the night 'when I grow up I want to be like Godson'? 

I used to watch his shit in awe of his insane level of genius/insanity, so being compared to one of the most troubled people from the old scene is almost touchingly humbling. 

Oh man, this intro has me exited.   I hope this montage is good to save in the "Hallucinogen" folder on my hard drive.   The little sequence from 1:27 to  1:38 was remarkable and awesome.  The Jaro on Blackout  with just the sword hilt was fire dawg.  The rocket-spazzing effect  at 2:44 that turns into a Jaro was so fucking cool.  I think you guys did a good job of having all these crazy effects piled on top of each other every single second of the video, but at the same time it's edited in a way that I can still visually understand what is going oin in each clip.  The song is absolutely fucking brilliant by the way, excellent choice.  Well, yup that confirms it; this video is mos def weird enough to be downloaded and kept forever.  My god I can only imagine how long this must have taken you to edit.  Out of curiosity, when did you start this project?  I wish there was more of an ending, that's probably my only gripe with this montage.  Fine work by you guys.  

lol I didn't realise you posted the same comment here and on YouTube, you maniac. I'll reply here because YouTube comments are just so mean to my happiness.

Idk if you've seen my edit 'THINK OF THE CHILDREN' but if you're into hallucinogens then you should check that shit out too. I started this one in late 2014 but put it down for long stretches; I'm grateful to the movie comp for giving me the motivation to go all out and finish it. It definitely took me ages, maybe as long or longer than the Animatage, but as maybe my last Halo video it was worth it.

Yeah I only do that because sometimes people will post their video on a platform but never go back and check the comments.  
I know I'm late to the conversation, but sick job Chris, really happy to see that you're still at it! Cheers