Scace in "Rhymes with Orange" - Edited by Fud


Yo what's good everyone, Fud here uploading this for Scace.  Lots to say here, so let's get started.  Picked up this project for Clay around December, yeah it's been nearly 6 months.  I really have to thank Clay here for being one of the most patient and understanding people i've ever met.  I procrastinated a ton on this project, went through a lot of personal stuff during the 6 months, all kinds of stuff.  Clay stuck with me, and never complained about it.  So honestly, this man is the perfect person to edit for.  Thank you so much Clay for the patients, cannot say that enough.  

Anywaysss, Clay's got some unique gameplay.  While this isn't the type of tage where there's a naire every other clip, Clay makes sure to keep variety through maps and gamemodes, as well as through his playstyle.  He keeps clips interesting by pushing advantageously in areas which lead to clutch plays and make for enjoyable clips.

So about the editing.  This is my first big project i've ever done.  So of course there's going to be mistakes (trust me there's quite a few after watching countless renders).  There's a certain point where you have to look at a project as a learning experience rather than something that needs to be perfect.  I feel my flow in this montage is the best out of any previous editing of mine, and I tried hard to incorporate some more unique effects.  Honesty very happy and proud about how this turned out.  That's enough from me, ill let Clay say what he needs to when he gets the chance.

Music in Order:
Pretty Lights - Almost Familiar
Pretty Lights - The Last Passenger
Tame Impala - New Person Same Mistakes
Dzihan and Kamien - Smile

I'm checking this out as soon as I'm done with my readings. Pretty excited.

A nice, chill video but the editing was really the only reason I kept watching. It was simple but had lots of small, neat effects, the flow was great, nice angles, and I loved the soundtrack as well. I also really liked the view of the city at around 6 minutes, it looked gorgeous. Really liked the intro too, text was well done in general. I don't have much to say about the gameplay but I didn't expect much since I didn't even like Dreams lol. Some of the people you're playing against were fucking ridiculous though, like in that first Headlong clip or the sword tastrophe later in the video. It's like playing against harmless bots and I personally don't see the point of including clips like that.

Anyways, still enjoyed the video and Fud did a great job. Good luck in the contest!

Yeah some clips I'm playing against some tards (nothing new to montaging) but I feel I also have some nice under pressure and unique clips. I'll let Fud know you liked his edit!
Some of the most unique and enjoyable editing I have seen in a long time.  
Yeah, I wasn't trying to say all your clips were against idiots or they were all bad lol. Sorry if it came across that way. A few clips just stood out to me like that, otherwise it was fine. I'm not a huge fan of H5 montages so I'm not really the best person to judge H5 gameplay anyways.
Appreciate you watching either way :)

no orange rhyming dictionary songs 0/10 just kidding i didn't watch

Sometimes ya watch sometimes ya don't. Whatta gonna do.

no orange rhyming dictionary songs 0/10 just kidding i didn't watch

From one asshole to another, what the fuck is your problem mate?

I haven't watched many H5 edits, but this must be the most enjoyable one I've watched. I'm not familiar with the gameplay standards, but it seems like you have gotten quite a few nice clips in a solid variety of maps . The Tame Impala part was by far the most enjoyable part for me. Effects and angles were well executed. Really liked the hearts pop up on that spawn naire. Applause, Scace man!
Salutes to Fud as well, of course!
<3 Lambee
Fud made this a really enjoyable and chill watch.  Even tho im not the biggest H5 fan but those little effects like 1:15 made me smile and that angle work at 1:29 was so "Local-like" haha. I  really liked the funky soundtrack. Song 1 and 3 were my favourites. Besides that the variety of the gameplay gave the video a special touch too. Loved the launch sticky and the cross map Ns tac. But there were also some other unique clips which kept me watching. Great job to both of you, but especially to Fud. :)
Sweet edit. It's coming up. Wacky gameplay yo....I don't know what that means...good job.