SECRET AIRGENTS (Halo 5 Launching Montage) :: by h0lmb0m

Yo peepls! :D

Crawling out of my cave to present my latest project, a Halo 5 Launching Montage!

Never struggled so much to make a video before. The process of finding ideas and the right map to then executing was tough, especially considering the time zone limitations between me & north power (the driver throughout the entire video). The possibilities and extent which these launch-clips can go is endless. But without the ability to grind 24/7, this was the best we could come up with. Hopefully it is an enjoyable watch! :)

Also decided to put in a little history lesson of where we come from launch-wise.. to give the video a little more content!

Thanks for checking it out :)


Fucking amazing Mattias, new fav halo 5 vid yes
Fucking amazing Mattias, new fav halo 5 vid yes
This was actual straight rape, those clips...great video & amusing too, lold at the snowboard, another great entry to the contest, can you please PM me a Hi Res screenshot so i can FP holms
That was absolutely amazing Mattias! Loved every second of it :P

"Who ya gonna call?" wink

But seriously, my screaming and giggling during this video reached octaves I'm too ashamed to admit. Definitely the best Halo 5 video I've ever seen.



agh what a refreshing video. and what made it all that much more amazing is that you didnt take any shortcuts by doing this in warzone and spawning your own vehicles. loved it!
Hahaha, this is sooo fucking good. Top notch idea, and if anyone is able to execute it in a proper way, it's you. From the looks of it, this could win the contest at the moment.

Top notch entry.

Editing was great as usual, you made it fun to watch while highlighting some absolutely sick clips. Not seen anything quite like this as well, so props for the original idea.

I also take my hat off to you for making an enjoyable H5 montage, which certainly isn't easy.

That was such a fun watch! My favorite H5 vid by far!

Loved the video. The one where you launched out of Basin, climbed the mountain, and got that crazy long range snipe is my personal favorite. Things like this is why I still try montaging in this game. It really has potential. 

That moment where north power protected you with the hog was absolutely glorious. I could really feel the passion and enthusiasm in this video. I loved everything: the song choice, the edit, the thumbnail is also very cute :). Maybe the best h5 video we will see in the montage contest.
I haven't followed your content for the last year or so but this this is great and exactly the stuff I like to see from you haha.  I can only imagine the time you invested for all these clips ,but they were worth it in the end.

H0lmb0m I really hope you actually read these posts.  Shit, I hope everyone reads the comments and thoughts on their submissions.  I just wanted to say that I've been a big fan of your work since you become a popular Halo content creator.  When I watch your videos it brings me back to that state of elated euphoria I experienced as a kid when I played Halo CE for the first time with my friends and cousins.  It's nice seeing that in some else's videos.

This intro is so cute.  Not many people are comfortable with putting IRL clips into their Halo montage; or at least the list is small.  I like the Superman bit in the beginning.   This glitch is pretty neat.  I can't really say that any of these clips stood out to me.  Hearing actually party audio is a nice touch, I definitely miss that.  That last clip was pretty funny.  I like the little logo as well.  I wish this review were a little longer but I have kinda run out of things to say.  If I think of anything else I'll just edit this post.  Solid job H0lmb0m; thank you for the submission.  

Hey H0lmb0m, could you please register your montage for our records in this thread!

nvm did it for you


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This was beautiful. A masterful tage.