Kblocker - Pleasure | A Halo 3 Video

for some reason I typed the T when I opened my browser and hit enter, hadnt done that in a while. Good ol KB on the front page like I'm 16 again.

Lovely video, I know I've told you this many times but your videos have always resonated with me something special as well as the way you conduct yourself so thanks for all of it, even the last time we played together when you beat me like 15-0 in CE because my tv wasnt on gaming mode.. yes Im going with that excuse.

damn dude really enjoyable vid, its crazy to think its been 10 years
Yo what's the name of the forge map at 1:15?  I need to download that map again.  I think it was called Lockdown?  That last overkill with the oddball on Snowbound reminded me of 2008 montages.   I felt like the music and theme made the video kinda comical.   
Best of Luck to you on your travels brotha
The irony of you sniping someone named "clutched it" at 1:23 lol