Kblocker - Pleasure | A Halo 3 Video

Well, I logged in not too long ago and noticed that I've been registered at this site for over ten years. With that, I wanted to release something because of how long H2F/H3F/THF was a part of my life, as well as so I could say I've been making videos for the entirety of the decade I've been here. smiley

I can safely say this is my last Halo video despite the clips I have left. I just don't have the time I used to for video game-related shenanigans with the pursuit of the career that I love firmly holding my attention. I hope all is well with all of you, and even though this is not a video that will have me "going out with a bang," it might be a fun little watch for the four minutes you spend staring at your screen, and is a symbolic thank you to the friends and fellow members that have made the years I've spent staring at mine so enjoyable.



Dude those were some fucking sick clips, especially considering how 'back in the day' you were. I've always loved your videos man, they have such a natural feel and flow - it all syncs up so well but it never feels forced. Really enjoyed this man, sad to see you go despite the fact you're not particularly active anyways

Enjoyable as always, your situation feels how I kind of feel at the moment.

For what it's worth over the years in my head I've tried to come up with a list of my all time favorite montagers since I've started watching them for over 10 years now and you are always in my top 5. Everything you put out was just great to watch. To be honest I most loved and tried to imitate with my own videos what appears to be such great simplistic editing, having never been able to really replicate it I appreciate it even more.

Thanks for the entertainment over the years smiley

Holy shit, was that last clip one that hasn't been shown before? That was a lovely watch. I loved the song choice, the clips I've seen before and can't forget along with a splash of new; nothing too crazy, but it was more than enough to make me smile.

I'm glad to see you around, and I hope everything is well in your life. Do you mind if I ask what you're studying?

That valhalla 241 brainfucked me.
Great vid Kblocker, you will always be a legend
Oh yeah I fucking forgot about that one, what the fuck happened in that 241? 
would make love to this video/10
Great video as always, loved how smooth it felt watching it.
Nice video Kblocker, thanks for the content throughout the years.

Awesome video man, always so enjoyable.

Good luck with the rest of your life!

finally people can see that stick killionaire after so long haha. loved this when ya first sent it to me and i love it now. like i told ya, that fuckin NS overkill on avalanche was ridiculous. btw that LiL PAYN3 kid seems like a grade A nerd. i mean, what kind of name is that anyway. thanks for your contributions to this site, bud.

RIP to your unused clips that are sitting on an old HDD that no one will ever see

Was watching your stuff the other day and wondering if you'd make another video. That was really enjoyable. The avalanche no scope Overkill was amazing and the last clip was incredible. Your play style is so clean and consistent as expected. Good luck with everything Kblocker, your videos are legendary!

All hail Kenny the blocker! Last of a dying breed. <3

I clapped at the end. Loved it.

This was sweet man.

Favorite clip was the killtac on narrows because you clearly didn't shoot the rocket until Payn3 got wrecked. Just to fuck with him.


Fastest 3:40 I've burned in a long time
Great job Kblocker. Your content will be missed.
Trying to figure out what the fuck that 241 was like the others, and that naire finisher was dope. Great job, love you Kenny. <3

loved the video and I've always loved the stuff you've put out over the years. 

wish you the best, man.

Thanks, but that explains nothing.

Wait, is it Pressure or Pleasure?


Meh--regardless, it was a great video.  I remember the Showdown and how good it made me feel--filling me with hope and the possibility of actually getting clips as awesome and insane as yours.


Of course, there's no way in shit that's gonna happen, but it still felt fulfilling.


Love your work bro--keep working on that doctorate and make sure to visit us--as Dr. Blocker. XD

Good stuff kblock that 2 4 1 and that last clip were sick as fuck... you will be missed my man "the finale" is still one of my favorite tages your work was always great thanks for the memorys.
Already watched this like 10 times when you sent it to me a while ago, still super sick man. Hit me up if you ever get back on xbox
If you ever need someone to edit your last clips or put something together Id be happy to help :)
Great video as always, best of luck in the future
Never seen any of your old stuff, but I'll definitely check some of it out after this. This had an awesome old school feel, both with clips and editing. Best of luck in the real world!
Great tage as usual, synching was on point and the stick naire was insane. We are sad to see you go, but you have left such a good impact on the community. Good luck with your career!
Loved it man. Great vid. Sad you never did "gimme yo clips". 

Pretty sure it's because the bullet's trail is basically from where you shot to where the person you shot dies at (so if you're playing on lag it can cause the bullet trail to change a lot from what it looks like with the "sniper smoke" or whatever). What made the clip so special is the fact that the opponent was traveling very fast, so the bullet trail changed a lot, and when the shot registered the opponent had moved forward by quite a bit and lined up with his teammate. srry if explained poorly

Really great montage, it definitely sticks out as something special among today's videos, mostly because of how you play this game.

Really entertaining video, some outstanding clips. I remember the first one from Rush.
That makes sense. Never thought of that.

nice vide kenny, always loved the fell in your projects.
I wish you all the best for your career and life in general
Hit me up if you wanna play anytime you want, always a pleasure to play h2 with you

Could you send me back the link with the underglass snipe I got on you btw, I would appreciate :)

I loved the exterm at 1:18 and the construct killtac.
Great vid, wish you the best with everything bruh
Rad.  Short n' sweet.  Great clips. Enjoyed it.  Good luck with your career, man. :)